Solvents for Wigs and Toupees

When removing double-sided tape and glue for wigs and toupees, it is so important to have the right tool for the job.  Walker Tape has created several different removers that work for different applications.  Here is a summary of all of the solvents.

99% Alcohol

99% Alcohol is always great to have in your shop.  It is used for light cleanup and to prepare the skin for bonding by removing skin oils right before applying tape or glue.  Available in a 32 oz size.


Action is the fastest skin-safe solvent that we produce. It will cut through adhesive quickly and will leave very little oily residue. Available in 4 oz, 12 oz and Gallon sizes.


C-22 is the most popular adhesive remover we make.  It is gentle on skin, works fast and is easy to rinse with soap and water.  Available in 4 oz, 12 oz and Gallon sizes.


H2GO is a non-flammable remover for water-based adhesives.  This specially formulated solvent will leave very little oily residue and will make the removal of water-based glues faster and easier. Available in 4 oz and 12 oz sizes.

Hard Bond Remover

Hard Bond Remover is used in emergencies to release hard bonds.  It is not skin safe and may cause damage to hair units.  Available in a 1.1 oz size.

Lace Release

Lace Release is a non-oily solvent used to release the adhesive or tape from the hair system.  It reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals and allows most of the adhesive residue to remain on the client’s scalp, not the hair system.  Available in 1.4 oz, 4 oz and 32 oz sizes.

Rapid Release

Rapid Release is fast and a must-have solvent for every shop.  It is not for use on skin. Many customers have a bowl of Rapid Release that they soak the hair system in while they’re cleaning the scalp.  Available in 12 oz and Gallon sizes.

S-3 Solvent

S3 is our highest purity solvent. It is designed specifically for our sensitive skin users.  It is low-residue and easy to rinse.  Available in 4 oz, 12 oz and Gallon sizes.

Walker Solvent

Walker Solvent is a great low-cost solvent for removing tape and soft-bond adhesives.  It has a pleasant fragrance and very little oil residue.  Available in 4 oz and Gallon sizes. (Not available in California.)