10 Reasons to Choose Beautify Extension Tapes

10 reasons to use Beautify

It’s no secret that there are a lot of options for extension tape. It’s also no secret that Beautify has some of the best extension tapes around. Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Here are some of the main reasons why Beautify extension tapes are the way to go for your salon.


#1: A Diverse Line with Options for All Clients


We offer not one, not two, but eight different extension tapes for you to choose from. Each of these tapes are a lot like your clients; each has its own strengths and characteristics.


While Ultra Hold may be the perfect choice for one client, Lace Front could be a better option for another. Sometimes it’s best to use a single-sided tape. This is where Single-Sided Natural Hold can be perfect.


On top of this, almost all of our tapes come in tabs and rolls. This doubles your options! You can either opt for the simplicity of a tab or the customizability of a roll. You can pick and choose to give your client exactly what they need.


#2: Reliable 4-6 Week Holds


When paying for extensions, your clients expect them to stay in place for more than just a week. Anything less would just feel like a waste of their time and money. We can’t blame them. That’s why all of our tapes are designed to hold reliably for upwards a month and a half.


We have tapes, like our No Shine, that can last over six weeks. As great as that sounds, you’ll want to replace them before they reach the six week mark. 


The hold of Beautify tapes grows stronger and stronger over time. So, to save yourself (and your client) a headache, we recommend removing the extensions within the six week mark.


#3: Strength Categories to Match Your Weft Size


Not all extension wefts are created equal. Some may not respond well to our Strongest tapes. That’s why we offer our Strong and Stronger tapes.


Each category has been carefully designed to work well with particular sizes of wefts. Our Strong tapes work well with standard size extension (one centimeter). They also work well for shorter extensions since they are lighter. The Stronger and Strongest tapes are better for extension wefts that are thicker and longer.


These different categories give you the freedom to give your clients the exact look and feel that they’re going for.


#4: Dependable Results in Unpredictable Conditions


Once your clients leave your studio, who knows what they’ll get up to! Maybe they’ll go swimming (once their tape has set) or maybe they’ll go skydiving. Nothing like water and wind to tear at the hair and test a tape’s hold.


That’s why we’ve designed our tape to withstand any situation they may get into. After all, their shower is a harsh enough environment to loosen most tapes.


Which brings up another reason.


#5: Waterproof & Weatherproof


To build on that last point, there are situations that you can predict your client will go through. So, Beautify extension tapes are made to be waterproof and weatherproof.


But by “waterproof” we do mean that they are made to withstand freshwater, like what is found in a bathroom. With that being said, it can take about three days for the bond to take 100% hold. Chlorine and salt water can affect the condition of extensions, the hold of a tape, and the health of bio hair. So, they’re best avoided when possible.


Learn more about this in our Is Beautify Extension Tape Waterproof? blog!


#6: Latex-Free Acrylic-Based Adhesives


Allergies and skin sensitivities can be a major bummer. They can keep your clients from enjoying all kinds of things, but they won’t keep them from having beautiful extensions!


All Beautify extension tape is latex-free and acrylic-based. This makes them much more comfortable for clients with certain allergies or skin sensitivities.


#7: Comfortable Feel


Natural hair isn’t stiff (unless you’ve totally doused it with hair spray). If you want your client’s extensions to look and feel good, they shouldn’t be stiff either.


Our tapes are designed to be flexible, allowing movement and give. Beautify tapes won’t pull or lay stiff. They move with the hair, keeping your client feeling comfortable.


#8: Natural Look


One of the biggest concerns that clients have when it comes to extensions is whether or not it will look natural. With Beautify extension tape, that doesn’t need to be a worry.


As we mentioned, the tapes are designed to be comfortable and natural. Our tapes will let your clients do just about any style they want, even updos.


Short hair isn’t a disqualifier for extensions either. As long as clients have at least three inches of workable hair, they can have tape-in extensions. The best tape for this is our Single-Sided Natural Hold. It’s great for working close to the hairline while keeping things looking natural.


#9: Stylist-Centered Ease of Use


At Beautify, we’re always trying to make our products better for stylists to work with. That’s why we developed Duo-Pro. This is the first tape that was made exclusively for extensions. One side is made for bio hair, the other is designed to stick to extension wefts.


Even our Single-Sided Natural Hold, which is meant to be nice and thin, is easy to apply without any unwanted curling.


#10: All the Above & More to Keep Your Clients Returning


Okay, fine, number 10 is really the accumulative power of numbers one through nine. But still, considering all these reasons to use our extension tapes, you and your clients get the best experience together.


We want to help you and your clients have the best relationship possible, and keep them coming back time after time. That’s the driving force behind our products. It’s also why we’ve developed the Beautify Bond.


The Beautify Bond is the tried-and-true method of using our products. When you follow the Beautify Bond, you’ll build the strongest bond between the tape and your client’s hair, as well as between you and your client!



10 Reasons to Use Beautify


If you want to learn more about Beautify products or the Beautify Bond, reach out to us. We would love to help you find the perfect Beautify products for your salon!

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