No Trace Product Spotlight

no trace

We’re throwing the product spotlight onto our remover, No Trace, this month. This is an alcohol based solvent that works the same way oil based removers do. No Trace is a super innovative product because it doesn’t leave an oily residue. This makes it unique among other removers that contain citrus. Even though No Trace uses the…

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How Products React in Weather or Temperature Changes


Whether it’s hot or cold where you are, you need amazing hold times and performance from the products that you choose to use on your clients. This product line up can look different depending on what temperatures are in your area, so let’s focus on breaking down the formulas that are best for different environments.…

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10 Tips For Your Clients With Tape-In Hair Extensions

client care dos and donts

Here’s our favorite inside info to give your clients before they leave their appointments. These will keep their tape-in extensions beautiful and in the best condition until their next appointment with you. Let’s jump into the 10 tips!   1. Avoid hair products that contain silicone This is especially important for shampoo and conditioner. Here’s…

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Benefits of tape over liquid adhesive

benefits of tape over liquid

Here at Walker Tape, we make both tape and liquid adhesive. They’re both great options for securing hair systems, but tape will always have a special place in our hearts. It’s a super versatile option and can be used with lots of different base materials without damaging them. Why is Tape Incredible? Tapes are generally much easier…

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