Hair Extensions After Pregnancy

pregnancy and hair loss

If your clients are experiencing a bit of hair shedding or thinning after giving birth, it might be a good time to recommend tape-in hair extensions. They can give instant volume, fullness, and can also add a little boost of confidence after having a baby. Why Does Shedding Happen? After going through a pregnancy, your…

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My Hair is Thinning, What Should I Do?

my hair is thinning what should I do?

We all want amazing hair that’s full and healthy, but it can seem like an unattainable goal if your hair has started to thin. It can start to feel like a bit of a helpless situation, but just know that you’re not alone and you have so many options for treatment, as well as alternative…

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Convert Your Stylist to Walker Tape & Beautify Products

convert your stylist to walker tape & beautify

Want to get your stylist started with using Walker Tape or Beautify products? That’s great! We really appreciate your support. Here’s how we recommend talking to your favorite stylist about our products. An Easy Step-by-Step Step 1: Talk to your stylist about becoming one of our wholesale customers. If they decide to shop with us,…

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New Site & Store Announcement

new website announcement

We’ve launched a new website that’s combining our Walker Tape and Beautify blogs and shop. This new site is giving you a more streamlined shopping experience that’s so much more user friendly. It also has cool new features to help you get the most from your Walker products. New Features Find A Stylist and/or Distributor…

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Walker Signature Reviews

Walker signature reviews

What Do Stylists Think about Walker Signature Tape? Walker Signature Tape is the thinnest tape with a 4+ week hold on the market. It’s a new take on our Ultra Hold tape. It’s revamped formulation and redesigned construction make it thinner and stronger than Ultra Hold, so it’s perfect for lace units. Walker Signature Tape is only 6.5…

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