Our Bestselling Removers & Extension Tape Pairings

Best Selling Removers

Pro Tip on the Smoothest Tape-In Extension Removals Every Time    Often, we use a remover kind of like a universal remote. Doesn’t it remove the same, after all, on any tape-in we use? The short answer is technically no. The long answer is, well, the rest of this blog post.   While, of course,…

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Hair Salons and Pandemics

Salons and Pandemics Blog

Salons and COVID-19   There’s no question salons keep facing tough choices as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in several places.    The things public health experts warn about sound all too familiar to seasoned pros behind their clients’ chairs: touching the face or getting too close to too many people indoors for long periods…

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Best Adhesive & Remover Combos for Removing Walker Tape Products

Top Selling Removers

Most Compatible Couples: Removing Walker Tape Products Just Got Even Easier!   It’s well known to the seasoned stylist that each client requires a different hair replacement solution. This includes the type and measurements of the hair systems, plus all of the products necessary to keep the system on.    What’s less known, perhaps, is…

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