Preparing Hair Systems for Storage

Preparing Hair System for Storage

Zooming in on the Final Step in the Walker Way: Preparing Hair Systems for Storage   Whether working with new clients or returning clients, storage is the final step in the Walker Way of using our products. We’ve touched before on how best to store Walker Tape products specifically, but in this post, we’d like…

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Our Cleanest-Removing Hair Extension Tape

In Each of Our Strength Categories: Beautify’s Cleanest-Removing Hair Extension Tape    Beautify gives you some of the cleanest-removing hair extension tape available in three different strength categories. There’s Strong, Stronger, and Strongest. Our Strong tapes work great for extensions up to, and including, the standard weft size of one centimeter by four centimeters. Then,…

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Acrylic Tapes & Liquid Adhesives for Hair Systems

Acrylic tapes and liquid adhesives

Why Walker Tape Acrylic Tapes and Adhesives Work So Well for Hair Systems   Acrylic, which we create our tapes and adhesives out of, is man made in a lab. This simple fact means we get to play mad scientist and customize our tapes and adhesives to have whatever performance traits your clients need. Because…

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