5 Secrets To Longer Hold Times


Ever wonder how to make your extensions last a little longer? Here are our Top Secrets to making your tape in hair extensions last longer!

1- Make sure your hair has no residue left over from the removal process. This includes the tape in extension weft (use Weft Release to remove tape from weft) and the clients hair. If you have any residue left behind, the new tape will slip and break down faster.

2- Use heat when installing tape in hair extensions! Using a little heat from a flat iron will help the tape expand and grab onto the hair and then shrink back with a stronger, more flexible hold.

3- When attaching the tape to the hair, make sure you remove all excess hair that is not stuck in the tape!

4- Use a dry shampoo when you can to lessen the amounts of washing. Skipping washes with hair extensions will extend your hold by keeping your natural oils on your scalp. Using regular conditioner on the wefts will break down the tape bond.

5- Avoid swimming in harsh water conditions. Swimming pools and salt water will also break down the tape bond. You can swim with your extensions in, but try not to submerge your tape bonds for long periods of time.  Wearing a swimming cap can help to prevent harsh water from hitting your bonds.

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