5 Easy Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

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Many people hear the term ‘personal brand’ and assume it doesn’t apply to them. It’s often assumed that only those with their own business built around their own name and lifestyle are using personal branding. That’s not the case. Everyone has a personal brand. We repeat: EVERYONE has a personal brand. Your personal brand is basically what people think about when they think about you. This involves how you interact in person, what your social media account or blog show about you, etc. Your personal brand already exists, now you just have to learn how to manage it so that you’re consciously deciding how you represent yourself in all areas of your life. If you’re a small business owner, managing your personal brand correctly can do more to help your business than you’ve ever realized. Whether you own a salon or any other business or are a stylist trying to reach new clients and keep existing ones, the tips below are for you.

Realize you already have a personal brand and analyze it.

Look through your social media accounts and see what they say about you. Is what you’re showing to the world what you want your clients to be seeing? What does it say about you and who you are? If this was someone else’s account, would you go to them for the products or services you or your business offer?

Take charge of your online presence.

Never assume that your clients won’t see something because it’s on a personal account. We’re sure you’ve heard stories about people who were on their way to getting their dream job but were denied because of something on a social media account. In the same way your accounts can turn off employers, they can turn off clients. Decide how you want to represent the real you to others. Are you always on top of the latest trends? Do you love learning and perfecting new skills? Show that online on social media, your blog, and anywhere else you’re representing yourself online.

Be real.

The most important part of building your personal brand is making sure that it represents the real you. You don’t want people to meet you in person and be confused, wondering who they saw on Facebook before they met you. Represent the best parts of yourself, but be vulnerable. Showing some of your imperfections can help you connect with people and make them like you even more.

Share your professional accomplishments on your personal accounts.

Obviously, your personal account shouldn’t be solely filled with your work. However, showing everyone in your life your work can lead to loads of new customers. As those who know you engage with posts about your skills, more and more people will see and be impressed with what you’re doing.

Look the part.

Especially in an industry where customers are looking for someone who understands current trends, it’s important to stay on top of them. You don’t have to follow every trend, especially if it’s just not ‘you’, but make sure you look current. Most importantly, make sure you’re taking the time each day to look put together. Rolling into work or into an appointment wearing yoga pants with a messy bun and yesterday’s eyeliner or old jeans and a ripped t-shirt probably isn’t the best way to represent yourself. Especially to people who are coming to you to help them look fabulous. Take the time (even just a few minutes) to look put together.

Bonus Tip!

Part of representing yourself well is using products that will represent you well. Make sure you’re using reliable products that your clients will enjoy. Products that let your clients down will make your clients feel that you let them down.

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