5 Tips to Mastering Extensions


This list will give you some great tips and tricks on how to make your clients hair look absolutely fabulous!

Photo Courtesy Of: .facebook.com/RapunzelOfSweden

1. Density– Especially if your client has fine hair, avoid adding too many hair extensions or they will look very unnatural.

2. Straight Lines-When you are installing hair extensions, it’s crucial to make sure you go in a straight, clean line. Do not follow the curve of the clients head.

3. Strand Guidelines – Add 3-5 rows at the sides, 2-5 rows at the nape and 2-5 rows at the perimeter for volume.

4.Talk it Through – Extension consultations are very important and have to be very thorough. Your job is to make sure the client knows all that comes with installing, maintaining and removing extensions. Make sure they know the proper after care. The client is investing a lot of money into this, so make sure they know how long the process will take each time they come in and what they are getting themselves into.

5.Coloring – If you’re planning on coloring you extensions, always color them BEFORE install.

To find out more about installing tape-in hair extensions, check out our installation blog post. If you have questions for us, you can contact us at Info@HairExtensionTape.Com.

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