6 Finger Clips for Wigs, Toupees and Other Hair Replacement Systems


These clips have been around a long time. They are sometimes referred to as “snap clips” or “snap lock clips.” They call them 6 finger clips because they actually have 6 little metal “fingers” that hold the hair when snapped shut.

Basically if you can’t use tape or adhesive bonds because of skin issues this will be your best choice.  For the right situation, like a daily wear customer, or a person who doesn’t wear their hair replacement unit often… this might be perfect too. Here’s a picture of the three sizes available: Small, Medium, and Large.

They are 4 types of clips to choose from. Brown, Black, Silver, and Silver with a Silicone band.

The silicone band helps grip the hair so there will be less give and movement.

We sell our clips in bags of 12 pieces.

If you want to buy them direct just become a customer.
Here’s the link to our Wholesale Application.

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