Achieve the Best Bond

Achieve the Best Bond

The Hair Replacement Consultation 


Right away, it’s essential to clarify that the “best” bond doesn’t always mean the bond that lasts the longest. The longest-lasting bond would only be considered the best if your client is specifically looking for the longest possible hold. 


For example, in a consultation you may learn that your client only wants the system in place for between one to two weeks. Choosing with the strongest adhesive in this case would be overkill. While Ultra Hold Adhesive surely can easily hold for one to two weeks, it may make more sense for you and your salon to go with Strong Hold.


Strong Hold is our most affordable multi-week liquid adhesive. It may not hold for as long as Ultra Hold, but it works for such a client that wants just one to two weeks of wear. This way your client gets the adhesive they need, and your salon saves some money.


The consultation is vital to learning how to achieve the best bond. You get to sit down with a client and learn what they are looking for. Plus, it’s your chance to learn about the client’s lifestyle, environment, and body chemistry that all factor into choosing the right tape or adhesive. 


The Patch Test


Once you’ve pinpointed the bond for the job, the patch test makes sure the product interacts safely with your client’s skin. This step is vital to both the client and you. Obviously, your clients comfort is the highest priority, but a bad reaction can also create an upset customer. Above all, a patch test starts your relationship with the client in a place of trust and care. 


The patch test we recommend has three simple steps and ensures your customer does not react negatively to a particular tape or adhesive. 

  1. Place a small amount of adhesive/tape on an area of sensitive skin. We’ve found behind the ear works great.
  2. Put a bandage over the adhesive/tape, and send your client home for the night.
  3. Instruct them to remove the bandage after 24 hours and check for any reaction.

If there is any redness or irritation, do not use the product on that particular client.  Also, check to make sure that the bond didn’t release from the skin. If no irritation occurred and the bond held up, use the product with confidence with the client.


Cleaning All Surfaces that Affect Hold Times


There are really four main surfaces that come into play during an install appointment:


First, your hands as the stylist: we recommend always wearing gloves. They protect your skin from constant exposure to various salon products. They also keep your skin oils and dead skin cells from affecting the adhesive. If your skin oils or dead skin are on the hair system or on your client’s scalp, then the adhesive will bond to those loose materials instead of to the intended surface. 


Second, your client’s bio hair: Bond Breaker Shampoo is a must. It provides the most important part of preparing your client for an install. Bond Breaker Shampoo is designed specifically to remove the traces of product from their own bathroom that may linger in a client’s hair and scalp. Most conditioners, for example, contain silicone to give hair that silky feel. But silicone on the head can make it tough for an adhesive to stick to.


Third, your client’s skin; and fourth, their hair systems: Use 99% Alcohol. This product works to rid the surface of oils, shed hairs, dead skin, and dust. It’s also another reason why we encourage that your client has at least two systems. One of the perks of storing a second system is knowing for sure that it is clean and ready to go.


Scalp Protectors


Yes, like their name states, these products help shield the scalp from possible irritation. But they also provide other perks as well.


Scalp protectors create a microscopically thin layer of water-based acrylic on your client’s scalp. This new acrylic surface is easier than skin for our tapes and adhesives to stick to. This helps improve potential hold times. 


We have a selection of scalp protectors to choose from to cover all your clients’ unique circumstances:


  • Max Hold Sport: Our strongest scalp protector for active, oily, and humid-weather clients. Max Hold Sport improves hold times and allows your clients to swim, shower, and work out right after your install appointment. So, you can give them the freedom to skip the customary 24-hour wait.
  • Scalp Protector Thick: Our next strongest scalp protector, for clients needing extra protection against irritation.
  • Scalp Protector: Our thinnest barrier against irritation. Scalp Protector works great for clients who are active, have oily skin, or live in humid climates.


The Install


Once everything is ready for the hair system to be installed, there’s one more important thing to do. Apply pressure.


Tapes are called pressure-sensitive adhesives for a reason: applying pressure is what activates their bond strength. So, make sure to press the hair system firmly in place on our client’s head. If you’re working with our liquid adhesives, then this step should last at least 10 seconds. 



  • Our infographic’s got you covered!


Want to achieve the best possible bond? Become a wholesale customer today and enjoy all of our tapes and adhesives for the best possible price!


  1. BOB POROPATICH on August 31, 2021 at 10:43 am

    I recently bought tape to replenish supplies and this time I ordered “This side to Base” tape. The problem is, is that the tape won’t stick to the base. Would the scalp protectors work if I applied them to the base?

    • Monique Morrison on August 31, 2021 at 1:22 pm

      Hmm, that’s interesting it is not sticking. I would reach out to our customer service team and they can help diagnose the problem.

      Otherwise, yes. Using Scalp Protectors should help the adhesive stick longer. Also making sure to clean the base really well between uses so there are no leftover oils. Using products like 99% alcohol can help with that.

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