Acrylic Tapes & Liquid Adhesives for Hair Systems

Acrylic tapes and liquid adhesives

Why Walker Tape Acrylic Tapes and Adhesives Work So Well for Hair Systems


Acrylic, which we create our tapes and adhesives out of, is man made in a lab. This simple fact means we get to play mad scientist and customize our tapes and adhesives to have whatever performance traits your clients need. Because when you think about it, we kind of have to be mad scientists to get anything to stick to skin for very long.


We’re talking about a surface that’s constantly exposed to who knows how many temperature and climate dips and spikes on any given day. Not to mention, skin is a surface that leaks its own moisture and oils. Then there’s always the fact that the whole layer of skin cells at the surface dies, falls off, and a new layer emerges from below. Hairs, pimples, and moles all unpredictably come and go.


It’s just one of the weirdest surfaces to work with in the tape world. 


But we’ve been doing just that for decades and have modified our acrylics to the point where they hold on reliably and comfortably. Since acrylics are so customizable, we’ve made them to handle the varied challenges that your clients put them through:


  • Showering, running, brushing, pulling, pressing, etc.
  • Humidity, dryness, heat, cold, sunlight, UV, oxidation, etc.
  • Hats, helmets, swim caps, scarves, scrunchies, etc.


Our acrylics have fantastic resistance to aging. Aging in tape terms is how they can last so long without being ruined by light, oxygen, and water. It’s also how they can last so long on your shelves with a guaranteed shelf life of at least a year for tapes and six months for liquid adhesives.


We’ve also made sure our acrylics hold to the different textures of hair systems out there:


  • Poly Bases
  • Mesh Bases: Lace or Monofilament
  • Combinations of Both


Plus, we’ve specifically formulated our acrylic tapes and adhesives to bond with our line of scalp protectors. These products, such as Max Hold Sport, basically coat the skin with a microscopically thin acrylic shield. Adhesives tend to stick best to like materials. So, our acrylic-based tapes and adhesives hold exceptionally well to that thin acrylic shield. 


It’s the reason why our scalp protectors both protect your client’s skin and boost expected hold times.


Add Max Hold Sport to your cart, and achieve the best hold times possible with your clients!


Acrylic Tapes for Hair Systems


All but one of our tapes are acrylic-based and latex-free. German Brown is the only tape we make that uses a rubber-based adhesive (which does contain latex). We’ve developed these acrylic-based tapes in such a way that serve any of your client’s needs, from sensitive skin conditions to active lifestyles in humid climates.


Daily Wear Tapes 


1522 Clear


  • Our Daily Wear Bestseller
  • Medical Grade Gentleness


This Side to Base


  • Designed for Mesh Systems
  • Hypoallergenic


Natural Hold


  • Our Strongest Daily Wear Option
  • Hypoallergenic


Extended Wear Tapes


Sensi-Tak Select


  • Low Residue for Clean Removals
  • Hypoallergenic




  • Our Extended Wear Bestseller
  • Low Residue for Clean Removals


Super Stick


  • Known for Its Immediate Stick
  • Reliable 1-2 Week Hold


Lace Front Thin


  • Offer the Most Natural-Looking Hairline
  • Hypoallergenic


Maximum Wear Tapes


Lace Front


  • Our Maximum Wear Bestseller
  • Hypoallergenic




  • Our Strongest Hypoallergenic Tape
  • Reliable 2-4+ Week Hold




  • Designed for Optimized Universal Maximum Wear Use on Any System
  • Available as Duo-Tac Thin for an Even More Natural-Looking Hairline


Ultra Hold Tape


  • One of the Strongest Tapes in the Industry
  • Reliable 4+ Week Hold


Pro-Flex II


  • The Strongest Medical Grade Gentle Tape We’ve Ever Seen
  • Reliable 2-4+ Week Hold


Extenda-Bond Plus


  • Breathable Hole Pattern
  • Reliable 4+ Week Hold


Walker Signature Tape


  • Thinnest Maximum Wear Tape on the Market
  • Reliable 4+ Week Hold


Hair System Reinforcing & Repair Tape


Base Tape


  • Extends the Life of Your Client’s Hair System
  • Dull Finish Works Great for All Bases 


Find all these tapes in any size and shape you need always at the best price on our online store!


Acrylic Track Bonding Tape & Hard Bond Adhesives


Hard bond adhesives are known as the superglue of the hair replacement industry. They provide the strongest, longest-lasting holds of any of the three adhesive methods that we offer. They achieve their phenomenally sturdy bond performance due to the acrylic at work in their ingredients.


Track Bonding Hard Bonds


Top Priority Bond


  • Our Hard Bond Bestseller
  • The Industry Standard for Hard Bond Adhesives




  • Improved Shelf Life
  • Reliable 3-5 Week Hold


Track Bonding Tape


PAT Tape


  • Protects System from Hard Bond Adhesive
  • Removes Cleanly with Lace Release


Need to Stock up on Track Bonding Supplies? Conveniently order hard bonds on our online store today!


Acrylic Liquid Adhesives for Hair Systems


Considering the benefits to our customized acrylic adhesives, it makes sense why our most popular touchup adhesive and Maximum Wear liquid adhesive are both acrylic-based. The acrylic in these liquid adhesives make them the best choices for clients in hot temperatures and humid climates.


While water-based liquid adhesives have a small amount of acrylic in them, we’re not including them here. Their main ingredient, and also the factor to their unique performance traits, is water. 


Daily Wear Liquid Adhesive




  • Our Daily Wear Bestseller
  • Ideal for Touchups


Maximum Wear Liquid Adhesive


Ultra Hold


  • Our Maximum Wear Bestseller
  • The Industry Standard for Acrylic-Based Liquid Adhesives



Want to see these liquid adhesives in your salon? Find a local Walker Tape distributor near you to save on HAZMAT fees!

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