Adhesives for Wigs and Toupees


Here at Walker Tape, we are also experts on glues for wigs and toupees.  We have adhesives for every type of hair system from lace to poly. We have been in the hair replacement industry for over 30 years and when it comes tapes and adhesives, we are your go-to resource.  There are many different glues for several different applications. Click on the images below to learn more about each product.


Walker Signature Adhesive

Our best and longest holding adhesive. 

Great White

Our best and longest holding water based adhesive. Think of it as a water based alternative to Ultra Hold.

Soft Bond adhesive-Walker Tape

Soft Bond

Soft-Bond is a silicone based, waterproof adhesive that is a thicker version of our Liqui-Tape.

Safe Grip Adhesive-By Walker Tape

Safe Grip

Safe Grip is a water based, low-odor, copolymer adhesive.

Safe Grip Adhesive-By Walker Tape

Ultra Hold

Ultra Hold is the leading standard for soft bonds on the market. It is a waterproof acrylic adhesive with incredibly long hold times.


Mity-Tite is our #1 daily wear adhesive. It’s a waterproof acrylic adhesive and is great for touch-ups between installs.