Beautify Duo-Pro Tape


New Brand. New Package. Same Amazing Product.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Duo-Pro as the newest member of the Beautify family. This has been a long time coming, and we’re ready to share just how excited we are!

What’s the Big Deal?

The first reason why we’re so passionate about Duo-Pro is that this is the first ever tape designed exclusively for hair extensions. This makes Duo-Pro’s innovative design a true groundbreaker!

In the past, products that weren’t made specifically for hair extensions were pulled from other markets and industries to be used for installs. Well, Duo-Pro has managed to change all that by creating an optimized design that has gone through two years of development. (We’re perfectionists, what can we say?)

The Product Design

While designing this tape, we resolved to keep the design as streamlined and simple as possible. One side is optimized for adhering to the hair, while the other side bonds to the hair extension.

We mentioned our extensive development process, but we didn’t mention the year that we spent testing Duo-Pro around the globe. We wanted to make sure that our product was as refined and out-of-this-world as possible before releasing this launch so we put it through major testing. We want your clients to be able to have absolute faith in their extensions.

More Exciting than Taco Tuesday

Duo-Pro has a reliably strong hold. This allows for a longer wear time for your clients, while providing a more reliable hold than any other tape that we’ve tested. We promise a bond that lasts at least four to five weeks. For an easier removal process for you, and a more pleasant experience for your client, we recommend removing before the six week mark. All these awesome benefits, along with a gentle and non-drying hold that won’t strip your client’s hair.

Breaking it Down: The Install

You’re busy and don’t have time to fool with tape that isn’t worth your time. This made our goal to keep installation as easy as possible, which is one of the reasons why our tape is rigid and won’t lose its shape during placement.

Per our research, and from the reviews that have been submitted, the stylists that we’ve heard from are able to install extensions in half the time with Duo-Pro. Part of this has to do with the white liner; it stands out against the hair and is easy to see.

Want a pro tip? Duo-pro works really well with Extension Prep Shampoo. We love this shampoo because it’s the perfect way to get your client’s hair ready for an install. It breaks down any left over adhesive, scrubs the scalp, and cleans the hair all in one step. We love a good multi-tasker!

Clean it Up!

Cleanup is a big deal in our industry, which is why Duo-Pro is the lowest residue tape we’ve ever made. Duo-Pro reduces the risk of damage by removing fast and taking less hair with it. Most people shed at least 200 hairs with traditional removal, but Duo-Pro offers a killer decrease at as little as 3-10 hairs.

Moving on, you don’t have to wash extensions after removal and wait for them to dry between applications because this product cleans up so easily. To clean extensions after using Duo-Pro, you only need to grab a corner of the tape and peel it off of the extension.

The tape may leave you with a tiny bit of residue on the weft… if so, swipe over the hair weft with a bit of Weft Release and prep for your next install as you normally would.

  • Duo-Pro as the newest member of the rebranded Beautify family!
  • Easy install, reliable wear time, and fast removal.
  • Duo-Pro takes less hair with it during removal. Most people shed at least 200 hairs with traditional removal. With Duo-Pro, shedding is as little as 3-10 hairs.
  • Products we love using with Duo-Pro: Extension Prep Shampoo & Weft Release

Have you tried Duo-Pro yet? If your answer is anything other than yes, place an order now and let us know what you think!

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