Beautify Hair Extension Tape Bestsellers 2020

Beautify 2020 Bestsellers Blog

It’s time to head into the new fiscal year with tried-and-true products. Afterall, they say that “hindsight is 2020.” So, what better way is there to go into this next year than by looking back on 2020’s best performers?! (We couldn’t help ourselves; this calendar joke will really only come around once!)


Jokes aside, our top sellers communicate the trust the market has in specific options. Here are our bestselling hair extension products the beauty industry trusted most in 2020.


Our Bestselling Tape for Hair Extensions


We offer various tapes to meet the diverse wishes of your clients. Our array ensures you have your pick of the litter: tapes for smaller extension sizes, for larger sizes, and even a single-sided choice. We make them all to wear as comfortably as possible on your client’s head. 


Below are our top 3 bestselling hair extension tapes.


No Shine Hair Extension Tape


Our most popular tape for tape-in extensions also happens to be one of our two strongest options available. No-Shine gives you the versatility of applying any extensions type and size out there. It does this while being hypoallergenic, giving your client more comfort and peace of mind. We’ve also made No-Shine to remove easier than most any other tape of comparable strength out there.


Ultra Hold Hair Extension Tape


Ultra Hold is our other strongest tape, giving you the best immediate hold strength. Due to this fantastic bond performance, we suggest Ultra Hold as the best choice for wider, longer, and heavier wefts. 


This is especially true if you’re working with a custom-sized extension outside of what you normally work with. When you’re not quite sure which tape to go with, going with our strongest is always a safe bet!


Duo-Pro Hair Extension Tape


Duo-Pro is a true pioneer in the tape-in hair extension industry! It’s the first ever tape made just for extensions. We’ve created one side to stick best to the extension, while the other side holds best to the hair. 


This level of care and thought that we’ve brought to Duo-Pro ensures the smoothest experience for both your stylists and their clients. Its unique customization ensures a stronger, secure hold to meet your client’s satisfaction. Plus, it also makes it the easiest to remove cleanly. Such perks are geared toward making sure you have happy returning customers, every time.


Interested in our helpful tape guide? Sign up today as a wholesale customer to receive our exclusive catalog!


Our Bestselling Tape-In Extension Remover


We offer both oil-based and alcohol-based options to support the method you prefer most. Plus, we make a specialty remover dedicated to giving you the best results when retaping extensions! 


Below, we’re proud to share our this year’s bestselling remover.


Extension Release


Our first remover continues to be the market’s favorite. Extension Release is safe for any extension and client hair type. Its alcohol-based formula quickly frees the extensions from the hair and evaporates without leaving any oils to clean up.


Since it is flammable, we suggest planning orders of Extension Release with other like HAZMAT products to minimize shipping fees.


Beautify 2020 Bestsellers


The Best Way to Prep Your Client for Their Extension Install


We’ve covered the top performers for both our tapes and removers. Now, it’s time to make sure you have the most important prep tool to go along with them.


Extension Prep Shampoo


To reiterate, Extension Prep Shampoo is the most important part of preparing your client for hair extensions. It truly does a lot of work all at once. Extension Prep Shampoo washes out any last leftovers of potential stickiness for your returning clients. It also renews the scalp, ridding it of any oils or dead skin that can undercut a tape’s hold performance.


In addition, Extension Prep Shampoo cleanses the hair of any other product chemicals that could weaken the tape bond. Considering how strong it is, we only recommend using it during your scheduled appointments. With that said, we have certainly made it safe to use on all hair and extension types.


Want the very best in the hands of your stylists? Find these and all our top performers at the most salon-friendly prices today!


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