Beautify Launch


We are happy to announce that Hair Extension Tape is changing our name to Beautify and introducing a whole new look!

Hair Extension Tape began in 2007 after we realized that the same technology we were using to create tapes for wigs and hairpieces could be applied to hair extensions. At that time, tape was a new revolution in the hair extension industry. Because we were among the first to introduce tape to this industry, the name Hair Extension Tape made sense. However, throughout the years as other players have joined in, we’ve realized that the name now seems a little generic. Our tapes are anything but generic, so we’ve decided to re-brand the line and call it something new: Beautify.

Every quarter we will be changing the packaging on one product. We’ll be sure to send you digital images and descriptions one month in advance to ensure you have everything necessary to change things within your business.

Beginning on the dates below, when you order the following products they will arrive in Beautify packaging:

March 1st: No-Shine
July 1st: Extension Release
October 1st: Duo-Pro

By January 1st, 2020, all Hair Extension Tape products will be under the new Beautify brand. You’ll see the changes in our packaging, on our website, in all of our future catalogs, and anywhere else you’re used to seeing the Hair Extension Tape name. We want to be sure you have all the information you need for each change, so one month before each product launch you will receive an email with images and item descriptions to make any necessary changes to your salon, catalog, website, and storefront.

Rest assured, the products that you know and love will remain the same. You will still receive the same great products with the same names. Only the brand name and packaging will change.

Beginning March 1st, 2019, any No-Shine you order will come in Beautify packaging. Again, it’s the exact same No-Shine you know and love, it’s just in a new package. Additionally, we’ll be sending a free pack of No-Shine tape in the new packaging with each order that goes out in the month of March.

We will also be announcing all of the changes on Facebook and Pinterest, so be sure you’re following us on those platforms.

As always, if you have any questions throughout this process, our well-educated customer-service department is here to help you every step of the way. You can email us at

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