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The Voice of Salons Have Spoken


Looking back over this past year, stylists and their clients love the following Walker Tape products the most. 


Walker Tape Presents 2020’s Bestselling Hair Replacement Tapes, Liquid Adhesives, & Hard Bonds


Hair System Tape


The rest of the categories include our one overall top performer for the year. But considering tape makes up 50% of our name, we’re throwing in the two biggest overachievers. 


Lace Front


Salons worldwide recognize our Lace Front tape as the industry standard for high quality when it comes to choosing a trustworthy blue tape. For years, this trust comes from its consistently reliable bond strength and dullness. 


Add on top of these performance traits the fact that our Lace Front wears so comfortably on your client’s scalp. This is at least partly due to the way we have innovatively constructed the tape to conform nicely to the natural shape of your client’s head. 


Ultra Hold Tape


Our second top tape performer for the year, Ultra Hold Tape offers your salon one of the strongest tapes available on the market. It gives your clients an immediately secure hold that can then last for four or more weeks! 


Hair System Liquid Adhesive


Along with tapes, we’ve enthusiastically contributed game-changing options with our quality liquid adhesives.


Ultra Hold


Speaking of a true game changer, Ultra Hold redefined what was possible for acrylic-based adhesives. Before we created this standard bearer, basically all of the long-lasting liquid adhesives were silicone-based options. The assumption was that if your clients wanted the longest-lasting hold, you basically had to use a silicone adhesive.


Ultra Hold changed that perception. For decades now, it has offered and continues to provide your clients with one of the market’s longest-lasting holds. As an added perk, it also cleans up quickly for a liquid adhesive.


Hair System Hard Bond Adhesive


Do you have clients who prefer the method of track bonding? If so, chances are you’re already familiar with our Top Priority Bond. 


Top Priority Bond


Stylists, time and time again, reach for Top Priority Bond for their impossible-to-stick-to clients. Whether they have oily skin, active lifestyles, or are prone to sweating, this hard bond offers one of the most respected performances in the industry. 


Now Presenting 2020’s Bestselling Adhesive Remover, System Care Product, and Scalp Protector


Adhesive Remover


Making products that stick to your clients is half the battle. Providing a way to take them off is also just as important, both for your client’s skin and hair system.


C-22 Solvent


Put simply, C-22 breaks bonds down quickly while remaining gentle enough to use on your client’s skin. Its citrus oils offer a mild yet zesty, fresh scent. Plus, they’re easy to rinse out of bio hair and hair systems with our Bond Breaker Shampoo.


Hair System Care Product


Now for the products we offer dedicated to helping your client’s hair system last as long as possible!


Top-Loc Knot Sealer


Something of a tongue twister to say out loud, our Top-Loc Knot Sealer also ensures hair knots stay securely twisted to mesh hair systems. For any variation of lace or monofilament bases, this singular system care product keeps knot ties from loosening.


Considering the delicate nature of mesh systems, this product is vital to ensure their sought-after quality lasts as long as possible. Reinforcing each individual knot helps prevent your client’s systems from going flat. It also keeps shedding down to the absolute minimum.


Client Scalp Protector


Sometimes the best thing for a client and their preferred install method is to create a barrier between the skin and the adhesive. Such barriers protect against irritation, and they provide a surface on top of the skin that adhesives work even better with. So, they help improve hold times as well.


Max Hold Sport


Our strongest barrier of protection against irritation also happens to be our strongest performer this year. It’s the preferred choice for your clients who love to enjoy active lifestyles that are likely to induce a good amount of sweating. It even allows them to skip the 24-hour wait before swimming, showering, and working out. With Max Hold Sport, you can immediately send them off to do what they love.


Stylists reach for Max Hold Sport as well for clients with oily skin or who face more humid weather. Since it creates a reinforcing barrier, it improves the hold-time potential of our tapes and adhesives.


Finally, We’re Proud to Presents the 2020 Bestselling Walker Tape Tool




We know, we know. This might seem like somewhat of an anticlimactic category to end on, but what could be handier (literally!) than a good, trustworthy tool? Our brushes are exactly that! They come in two different convenient sizes. Plus, most importantly, they support the sanitary use of the same product across multiple clients.


2020 Walker Bestsellers Infographic


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