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We Ship Internationally!

Shipping rules and regulations carry from country to country and since most of our liquid products are considered hazardous, there are special rules we have to follow. Send us an email with your order...

Bad Hair Extensions

You have seen it, walking down the street, at the mall, at the grocery store…and you scream in HORROR!! What is it?? Bad hair extensions!!
I know, EEK, right? But it happens,...

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ highlights some of the most common questions our customers have about Walker Tape. As an international customer, will I be charged extra fees for bringing Walker Tape products into my country?...

Top 4 Reasons Women Wear Wigs

Here are the top 4 reasons why women wear wigs: Thinning Hair Thinning hair can be brought on by several factors. Stress, hormonal imbalance,  disease, and medication.
Alopecia Can be brought on...

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Wear Hair Extensions

What is the point of hair extensions? Why are they so popular? Why do women love them? Here is a list of the top 5 reasons women wear hair extensions. 1-Women will cut...

Hair Extension Tape Tabs

Hair extensions tape tabs, ever heard of them? They’re a must have item for any stylist installing tape-in extensions. They come on sheets with 12 tabs. The actual tab measures about 1.5 inches...

Leave-In Conditioner

This is the ultimate leave-in conditioner. It moisturizes and detangles your hair to make sure the hair looks natural and healthy longer. It is equally good for extensions, hair units, and your natural...

Weft Release Tape Remover

Looking for a hair extension adhesive remover that does not burn your nostrils? Something that will not eat through the tape and make it gummy? Look no further than our Weft Release. Weft release...

C-22 Solvent

Looking for a great adhesive solvent? Need to get the tape residue off a clients scalp? Or how about off of the clients wig?  C-22 is here for you! This is a great, fast acting citrus...