Breaking Down Our Extension Tapes by Strength

Tape Categories

What a Strong Extension Tape Means to Us


It may seem funny at first. Here we are saying that all of our hair extension tapes last between four to six weeks. At the same time, we also say that some of our tapes are stronger than others. We say both of these things with confidence. How does that work?


Here’s why we’re not constantly contradicting ourselves. We make our tapes to last for four to six weeks depending on the size of the hair extensions being installed. Some extensions use shorter, finer, lighter hair. Others may add thicker hair, or help to add heavier volume. 


The overall idea is there are longer and wider and heavier extensions out there. We want to make sure there is a tape that can match the extension preferences of your clients.


We break our eight extension tapes down into three strength categories


  • Strong 
  • Stronger 
  • Strongest


These categories are pretty straightforward. But there’s the trickier notion of how to remember which tapes belong to which strength class. Below, we offer a few tips on how to keep all this straight.


Of course, if you do ever have any questions about our tapes, always feel free to contact our amazing Customer Service team.


Our Strong Extension Tapes


  • By “Strong,” we mean to say these tapes work great for most any extension up to standard 1 cm x 4 cm wefts.


If you can remember that strong means colorful liner, then you’ve got this category in the bag. The easiest way we can think to remember which tapes are strong is by looking at the liners. 



All the rest of our extension tapes have white liners. But that brings us to our next point. If all our other extension tapes have white liners, how do we know which of the rest are stronger or strongest?


Our Stronger Extension Tapes


  • By “Stronger,” we mean that these tapes work great for most any extension type available in the tape-in extension world.


The memory-friendly way to keep our stronger class straight: stronger are the pros! Both of our Stronger tapes have the word Pro in them:



These two stellar tapes are total pros when it comes to holding up most extension sizes and weights.


Our Strongest Extension Tapes


  • By “Strongest,” we mean that these two remaining tapes are the strongest tapes we make for tape-in extensions.


The easiest way to remember which tapes are in our strongest class is probably by the process of elimination. If they have white liners and do not have “Pro” in their name, they’re our strongest of the bunch. 



The most practical way to remember these strongest tapes is to try them out on a few clients. Their strength stands out immediately. You’ll see very quickly just how strong they are!


Why We Offer So Many Different Extension Tapes 


That’s a reasonable question. Why offer so many tapes if some are stronger than others? The point here is that our strength ratings are for general comparisons. A stronger tape isn’t always the best choice for your individual clients. Strength doesn’t automatically decide what’s best.


Putting strength aside for the moment, let’s talk about the unique individuals who return to your chair time and time again. 


Each client comes with very real differences in their own lifestyle, body chemistry, and so on. There are so many variables at play with each client. In fact, there are enough idiosyncrasies to make a one-size-fits-all tape impossible.


It can almost seem random at times. For example, one tape that technically has less strength might perform better with one client’s hair compared to another stronger tape. While it’s not random, the answer might be too hidden in the specifics of their lifestyle, body chemistry, and hair makeup to pinpoint.


Considering these differences, at Beautify, we want to ensure that you have all the tape solutions you need for any client who walks into your salon.



Want to test our different tapes on your clients’ extensions? Become an exclusive wholesale member today, and we can provide you with all the tape you need!

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