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Weft Release Tape Remover

Looking for a hair extension adhesive remover that does not burn your nostrils? Something that will not eat through the tape and make it gummy? Look no further than our Weft Release. Weft release...

Leave-In Conditioner

Did you know that we have an excellent leave-in conditioner?  Well, we do! It has a very pleasant smell and is amazing for your hair! It’s safe to use on your human hair extensions without...

Hair Extensions At Their Best!

We got a professional stylist in here to give some of our employees extension makeovers.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of our fun time and remember, if you have any questions reach out!

How To Care For Your Extensions

So you have a new hairstyle, but don’t know how to care for your extensions. Well here are some tips and care recommendations for your new look and new extensions! First off, congrats...