Different Types of Hair Extension Tape: Comparing Tape-Ins and Micro-Bead


There are many different types of hair extension tape out there which leave people to wonder — which extensions are right for them? The right type of extensions depends on how much you want to spend, the care that is needed, and if it will work for your lifestyle.

We do specialize in tape-in extensions but, we want to give you an in-depth look into a popular method of extensions and compare them to tape-ins in order to help you decide which method is best for you!


Installation Process (1-3 hours)

Micro-beads are installed by having small ringed beads threaded to small sections of your own hair. The hairstylist will then clamp each piece to have it stay in place. There is no glue or heat used within the process. Your head will feel tender for few days due to the weight of the hair. The extensions will stay in for approximately 6-8 months.


The cost of different types of hair extensions always depends on the type of hair you purchase,  location, and the experience of the stylist. We’ve done some research and found that costs can range from $400-$1000+


Once you’ve had your extensions installed you cannot wash your hair for 2-3 days.  After the beads have fully set, you should only wash your hair every 2-3 days. A loop brush is best to make sure that the bristles do not get caught in the beads.

Swimming – A swimming cap is needed to prevent chemicals from getting into the bonds and tangling your hair.

Removal Process

You will need to schedule with your hairstylist ahead of time to remove micro-bead extensions.
They will use a removal tool that functions like pliers but is curved and sized to remove beads. Once the extensions are removed, it is suggested that you wait 2 weeks to let your scalp rest from the pressure. It is HIGHLY recommended to have micro-bead extensions removed by a professional hairstylist due to the fact that you need a specialized tool to prevent damage to your hair in the process.


Installation Process (30 min – 1 hour)

The installation process for tape-ins is fairly simple. Your hairstylist will section your hair and starting from the bottom, they will place tape extensions 1 cm from your hair roots. They will then move up row-by-row until the back of the scalp is covered. Medium heat is applied to the weft for one second to ensure that the adhesive attaches to the hair.


Cost can depend on the type of hair, location, and experience of the stylist. Looking into this we found that costs can range $300-$900+.


With any type of hair extension, it is best to wait 48 hours before washing your hair in order to ensure the best quality. This will also ensure that the adhesive is secured to your hair. Once the bonds are attached, be sure to wash your hair every 2-3 days!

Bonus Tips:

When showering with tape in extensionsdo not place the shampoo or conditioner on your wefts. This could cause the extensions to become loose.

Remember to also brush your extensions at least twice a day. It is best to wrap your hair around a section of hair that you want to brush to prevent tugging.

Swimming – It is recommended to wear a swimming cap, but you do not have to. We suggest that you pat dry your hair right away after you are done swimming so the chemicals do not sit on the wefts, potentially causing them to become loose.

Removal Process

To remove your tape-ins a solvent is needed to loosen the bond. Your hairstylist will place the solvent on the weft, let it sit for a few seconds and then peel it right off! Once they are removed, your hairstylist can have them re-installed the same day!

We hope this has helped you to see which method is best for you!

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