Duo-Pro Is for Sale!


What’s different about Duo-Pro hair extension tape?

Duo-Pro is for sale! After 2 years in development and a year of testing around the globe we can proudly say Duo-Pro is a GAME CHANGER! What makes Duo-Pro so different?

  • It is the first ever tape specifically designed for hair extensions.
  • Cleanup and install with Duo-Pro are both up to two times faster than with other tapes.
  • The hold is more reliable than any other tape we have tested and it’s extremely strong.

The First of its Kind

Duo-Pro is the first tape that has been formulated, designed, and tested specifically for the hair extension industry.  It has been tested more extensively than any other tape we have developed. Here are the results:

Reviews from independent stylists all say the process of take down, clean up, and re-install with Duo-Pro is HALF the time! Imagine how happy your clients will be and what you could do with all that extra time…

Faster Installation

  • Duo-Pro installs easier than any tape we’ve ever tested.
  • It is more rigid, so the tape doesn’t lose shape during install.
  • The Duo-Pro liner is easier to remove than any other tape in the industry.

Faster Cleanup

  • No more washing extensions! To clean the extension, grab a corner of the tape and peel off the tape and extension. A quick swipe with an Alcohol based remover and the extensions are ready to re-install.
  • Duo-Pro comes out of the hair faster and easier than anything we have tested and is the lowest residue tape we have ever made.
  • During take down, most people experience 200+ hairs falling out.  With Duo-Pro we have seen as few as 3-10 hairs.

Long Holds

  • Reliable holds from 4-5 weeks.
  • Some holds as long as 8 weeks.

Now that Duo-Pro is for sale you can place an order today!

What stylists and users have to say:

The Duo-Pro is amazing! It stays in and doesn’t slip or get sticky. It also comes out easier and doesn’t leave any residue. Love it! ~Bert

Walker Tape Company has a new tape coming out…that is a true “GAMECHANGER”. They said it. I 1000% agree. No better way to describe it. There is no tape on the market like this yet. They have been testing this for a YEAR all over the world. ~Kristy

Thank you sooo much I love your products and will never go anywhere else! ~Amanda

(For best results use a flat iron for 1 second on each extension and go 2 days before washing the hair after installation. These recommendations go for all extension tapes.)

If you’re a wholesale customer, head on over to our Duo-Pro Product Page to place and order. If you haven’t signed up as a wholesale customer yet, fill out our wholesale application to get your hands on Duo-Pro!

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