Duo-Pro Reviews


We asked, they answered.

Hearing us talk about Duo-Pro is one thing, but hearing Duo-Pro reviews from stylists and users is even better.

We sat with a few different people for this series. From stylists and longtime users of Walker products, to end users who have worn extensions for years, and even stylists who were convinced by their customers to give us a try.

Let them tell you why Duo-Pro is a game changer.

Remember, if you are a licensed stylist or in business you can always sign up as a wholesale customer to receive the best products and pricing on the market.

#1 Get the lowdown on Duo-Pro from professional reviewer Christy from 52WeeksofBeauty

#2 What Duo-Pro is like for end users

#3 Meet Chris, who switched over to only using Duo-Pro for his clients

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