Extension Rolls: Fully Customizable & Cost Effective


So Why Carry Extension Rolls?

In the beginning, there was the roll. Long before tabs filled salon shelves, stylists would roll up their sleeves and roll out the tape. They’d set the wefts onto popular options like No Shine or Pro-Flex II, and then they’d cut the tape, tracing around the weft’s shape for a precise fit.

Then tabs came out.

Most extension tape companies figured that tabs would replace the need for rolls. In fact, we’re one of only a few companies left who still offer extension rolls. Why?

Turns out, as we learn from our customers, there are a couple advantages to keeping rolls around.

They Allow Salons to Offer Other Common Weft Sizes

Our tabs are pre-cut at 5/16” to work conveniently with most weft options. But there are other common weft sizes in the industry. Our extension rolls account for these other common sizes. You can get them in ¼”, ?”, and ?” widths. Also, the ¼” roll has a perforated center, making even thinner widths more convenient.Such variety makes

it easier to offer your clients a variety of weft options.

They Save Salons Money


Rolls boast the most budget-friendly prices by far. A bag of tabs gives you about 188” of tape, whereas an extension roll reaches 216”. And depending on the width, going with rolls will save you upwards to 20% per inch.

They Work Especially Well for Custom Cuts

Rolls are completely customizable. Where tabs are limited to their pre-cut lengths and shapes, extension rolls become your go-to answer when a client needs a more custom solution.

Also, if you prefer using wefts that require rolls of a custom width, let us know. We’re happy to make custom rolls to match whatever wefts you


Three Tricks Our Customers Use withExtension Rolls

1. Bulky scissors can double as a good weight to keep the tape from rolling back up while placing the weft.

2. Extension tape doesn’t stick to titanium. So, use titanium scissors. If you do, you can bypass the third trick altogether.

3. Our adhesive removers, like Weft Release and Extension Release, work great for cleaning the stickiness off of the scissors.




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