Feel Confident During Your Extension Consultation

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When you have a stylist change your hairstyle by installing tape in hair extensions, you want to make sure that you ask the right questions to save time and money. To help you prepare and be comfortable with your choice, we have developed a checklist for you.

Be sure when setting up your consultation that you are serious about getting tape in hair extensions. Sometimes a stylist will give you a free consultation, while other times it might cost you.

Decide what type of extensions you want. We recommend tape in extensions, but they all have pros and cons so be thoughtful, ask friends, do research, etc. For example, check out our blog Choosing the Best Kind of Hair Extensions and see if tape-in extensions are something you want.

Go online! Look at reviews, blogs (ours is a great resource!), and video tutorials, you can NEVER know too much.

If you do go with tape in extensions, here are some things to expect from your hair stylist and some questions to ask:

Condition of your hair

This is very important. Before anything is confirmed your stylist should do a checkup on your scalp and the condition your hair is in. This is true no matter what type of extension you get.

Is your scalp oily? If it is then the bonds might not cooperate as well because the oils will get into the attachments. Your stylist needs to be sure they use the best type of tape and prepare the hair correctly. You’ll also need to be sure to take correct care of your extensions.

Do you dye your hair a lot?

Is your hair damaged in any way?

Already damaged hair is best left to heal or have very light extensions put in. By that we mean fewer extensions and/or extensions without much weight. Here is an article showing you how to decrease the weight of your extensions Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

What are you looking for?

If everything checks out with the condition of your scalp and hair, something your hair stylist will want to know is what you are wanting with tape in hair extensions.

Are you wanting extensions for the length or fullness or both?

How long would you like your hair or how full would you like your hair?

What color would you like? Are you wanting to dye your hair or add a color streak with the extension?

Your stylist should hold up a hair ring with different hair colors to determine the best color that will work for the extensions and explain how to go about it to make it look natural.

These questions are good because maintenance could be different depending on what choices you make.

Hair Maintenance

Depending on what choice you made, your hair stylist should give you a rundown of the maintenance required both before and after they install the extensions. They should always let you know what to expect and let you know what you can and can’t do with your extensions.

They need to be sure to detail the process of installing the extensions.

How to take care of your hair after the installation.

What products to use and not use with your hair.

How long you should wait until you can shower after the installation (plan your visit accordingly).

What to do if something happens to the attachment after you leave the salon.


The cost is going to vary from salon to salon. The cost is usually determined by the quality of work they do, the process they follow, and the time it takes to install the extensions. Ask the stylist anything you want considering the cost. This is a big step that you are taking and your hairstylist should understand, so have them explain what you need to know about all associated expenses.

Can they explain the reasons for the costs?

If you want a streak of your favorite color will that cost extra?

Based on how you hair looks and the state it is in, how long do they think it will take and what will be the cost?

Do you need to put a deposit down?

Questions to ask your stylist

Here are some additional questions to think about asking your hair stylist during the consultation. Again, this is a big decision you’re making and you want to be sure that you get the best quality service. Good hair stylists understand this and encourage questions!

Can I see 1-2 client references of your past clients?

How long have you been installing tape in extensions?

Are you certified? May I see your certificate?

Has anyone had issues with tape in extensions?

Can I see a few before and after photos of your past work with tape in extensions?

How long will these tape in extensions last? (This can depend on the tape they use)

Can I call you if something happens to the tape in my hair?

How many times have you installed tape in extensions? How many clients have you have you had?

What are some possibilities that can happen after I get tape in extensions?

Is there anything I need to do before bed?

How do I shower with tape in extensions?

What are the best products to use?

After you install the tape in extensions can we put my hair up in a ponytail so we can see if the tape is visible?

Hope this helped you! If you have any questions that you feel should be added to this just comment below.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future posts, feel free to leave them in the comment section down below! Or you can contact us at Info@HairExtensionTape.Com.

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