Guide to Storing Beautify Tape-In Extension Products


Out of the Box & Onto the Shelves


You’ve ordered a bunch of Beautify products. They arrive at your salon . . . now what? How can you get the most out of your investment both in terms of product quality and shelf life?


These are great questions to have, and let’s tackle them here and now!


The great thing here is that we make Beautify products so they’re of the highest quality and made to last. When you buy Beautify, you’ve got two general product options: tapes and liquids. The liquid choices cover removers, shampoo, and conditioner. Our tapes can easily last up to a year and our liquids six months just chilling in your salon. 


Well, as you’ll see below, chilling might be the wrong word to use.


All products everywhere are affected by similar ingredients that surround us constantly: light, oxygen, humidity, and heat. Since we all must deal with these things, the best ways to protect Beautify products generally is to follow these three suggestions:


  • Store Beautify products in cool, room-temperature controlled places (60-80° F).
  • Keep Beautify products in dark, dry, well-ventilated areas.
  • Always keep their lids closed and bags sealed completely.


Apply the above suggestions, and you’re right as rain. Though again . . . make sure rain doesn’t factor into your storage strategy. Since tapes and liquids react slightly differently to the above issues, let’s dive deeper into the specifics.



Storing Beautify Products Infographic


Storing Beautify Hair Extension Tapes


To reiterate, understanding these principles and safeguarding against the elements can ensure your Beautify hair extension tape lasts a year on your shelf. Here are three strategies to follow.


1) Store tapes at a consistent room temperature: 64°F -72°F / 18°C-22°C.


You’ll be glad you did. At the very least, it’s essential to keep our extension tapes in temperatures below 90°F. When kept in conditions that are too hot, you might as well be working with melted cheese. Heat softens tape, and when tape is constantly softening before use, it may become unusable.


Beware conditions below room temperature too. Too cold, and you’ve essentially got a sticky piece of glass on your hands. This storage error could lead to an increase in tape-in failures and a decrease in tape-in clients. 


Here’s an easy way to remember this storage principle: tapes stored in fluctuating temperature extremes could lead to fluctuations in clientele.


2) Keep extension tapes in a dark, dry, well-ventilated spot


Why dark? Artificial light, sunlight, and UV exposure can make the tapes brittle and weaken their potential bond over time. So it’s in your tape investment’s best interest to avoid exposing them to these factors. 


Why dry and ventilated? Beautify extension tapes are waterproof after all, right? True, definitely true. But they’re only waterproof after they’ve had time to build into their ultimate bond strength on your client’s head. That’s why we always encourage you to tell clients to wait 48 hours before washing their hair. If a tape has yet to reach its full bond strength, moisture can affect its performance.


3) Store Beautify tapes in your salon’s sealable container or in their completely sealed original packaging.


Put simply, oxygen dries out an extension tape’s adhesive. So, the longer a tape is left out, the weaker its potential bond strength becomes.


Storing Beautify Removers 


Our removers, when coupled with the following four guidelines, have a 6-month shelf life.


1) Keep removers away from sources of possible ignition.


All our removers are flammable and combustible. Heat, flames, sparks, pilot lights, electric motors, static electricity, you name it. If it ignites, make sure to keep it far away from our removers. 


2) Keep the remover at room temperature in a dry, well-ventilated place.


Just like with our tapes, keep Beautify removers at the very least below 90°F at all times. Temperature extremes, both hot and cold, affect the chemicals that make our removers so good at what they do.


3) Limit a remover’s exposure to oxygen.


Since air is pretty common, here are some helpful tips to help your removers escape its effects:

  • Use all of one product before opening a new one. That way, the clock isn’t ticking on several, partially used products.
  • Always keep the remover’s container tightly closed and the spray cap snapped shut.
  • Transfer the solvent from our packaging into a syringe when using during an appointment. This trick allows you to immediately close the lid and store the product, while conveniently using the syringe to apply the solvent onto the extension and work the tape loose. 


4) Because they contain solvents, it’s best to store removers locked and out of reach of children.


Our removers are meant for external use only. Always ensure that our solvents are well out of the hands of any curious child.


Storing Beautify Extension Prep Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner


Just like our removers, both Extension Prep Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner can last six months if you apply these two storage suggestions.


1) Keep our shampoo and conditioner at room temperature in a dry, dark, well-ventilated area


Heard this guideline enough in this blog post? This common theme goes a long way to ensure all of our products last as long as they should on your shelf. While our shampoo and conditioner are not flammable, they are still made up of ingredients that are sensitive to temperature extremes. 


2) Make sure to keep lids completely closed when not in use.


Speaking of common themes, it’s best to limit oxygen exposure as much as possible to both our shampoo and conditioner. 


Want to put these storage tips to the test? Become an exclusive wholesale customer and order Beautify products today!


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