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Rising Stars in the Tape-In Extension World


When we talk about the following rising stars in tape-ins, we have more than just the “it” factor in mind. These stellar choices offer tangible benefits to both your stylists and clients. Their traits are sought after, helping salons cement strong reputations throughout the industry. 


Below, we talk about these benefits with regards to four tapes. They include one option from each of our extension tape categories of Strong, Stronger, and Strongest. Additionally, we’ve included a bonus specialty option that we think is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Along with our tapes, we also feature our standout system care product and what we consider to be our best extension remover.


Natural Hold Hair Extension Tape


Each year, we keep seeing this tape become more of a favorite among stylists and for good reason. It’s the perfect product for the most common extensions sizes in the market up to one centimeter by 4 centimeters. 


Why though? Well, it comes down to its reliable strength combined with how easy it is to remove. Out of our three “Strong” extension tape options, Natural Hold leaves the least amount of sticky residue in the hair and on the tape tabs. We’ve also made it remove easily in one piece. These features together enhance the experience of our client in the chair. 


Since it’s so easy to use on the most common extensions, we predict Natural Hold to continue garnering a devoted following.


Duo-Pro Hair Extension Tape


Our most distinguished “Stronger” extension tape option is Duo-Pro hands down! We created it exclusively for extensions. In fact, it’s the industry’s first to be made just with the extension performance in mind. 


So, what makes it so special? We’ve customized Duo-Pro with a different adhesive on both sides. One side is formulated to perform best on the extension, while the other side is made for the best attachment to hair. It’s as if you’re getting the benefits of two different tapes all in one! 


The side that sticks to the hair makes Duo-Pro hold more securely and reliably than just about any competing brand out there. Then there’s the side we made just to stick to the extension. That side offers the cleanest removal of all our tapes. 


Duo-Pro’s twofold benefits offer the best experience for both your stylists and their clients! 


No Shine Hair Extension Tape


Now to our “Strongest” category of tapes: No Shine


It’s our current bestseller on the market, trusted globally for its incredible performance traits. These include one of the strongest holds of any tape anywhere. This strength allows No Shine to be your go-to for absolutely any extension size your stylists need to work with. For how strong No Shine is, it also removes relatively cleanly.


Bonus: Single-Sided Natural Hold Hair Extension Tape


Do you have clients with fine or brittle hair? Then our Single-Sided Natural Hold is the tape for them. It also works fantastically for front extensions or for clients with gentle scalps. This is because our Single-Sided Natural Hold offers an invisible bond that’s also incredibly lightweight. 


Stylists are also discovering how uniquely easy it is to work with. Most other single-sided options tend to frustratingly curl up when removing the liner. However, our Single-Sided Natural Hold installs without curling up at all. 


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No Trace Hair Extension Remover


How can we put this as plainly as possible? We consider No Trace to be the best remover available on the market today. It’s basically magic! 


You may have stylists who feel most comfortable working with alcohol-based removers because they require less cleanup. Or you may have stylists who love how quickly oil-based removers work to break tape bonds. Well, No Trace is the answer for both preferences! 


It uses an alcohol-based formula, so it completely vanishes without leaving behind any oiliness to attend to. But it also works as quickly as an oil-based solvent when it comes to cutting through tape bonds. So, No Trace offers your stylists a single option that ends up being the best of both worlds.


Leave-In Conditioner


At the risk of waxing poetic, we understand that your clients’ extensions go through a lot of wear and tear. For that reason, we’ve created our Leave-In Conditioner. It gives their extensions more care for all that wear.


It helps do what conditioners do best by defrizzing and detangling the hair. But it also moisturizes and revitalizes your client’s hair and their extensions. This helps your stylists extend the life of their clients’ extensions. Also, of course, we’ve created it to be color safe for all hair and extension types. 


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