Hair Extensions After Pregnancy

pregnancy and hair loss

If your clients are experiencing a bit of hair shedding or thinning after giving birth, it might be a good time to recommend tape-in hair extensions. They can give instant volume, fullness, and can also add a little boost of confidence after having a baby.

Why Does Shedding Happen?

After going through a pregnancy, your clients might experience some hair shedding. This is mainly due to hormones. Hormones play a major role in the hair growth cycle, which has three stages.

  • Stage 1, or Anagen, is when the hair is in a “growth” cycle.
  • Stage 2, or Catagen, is when the hair is in a “rest” cycle.
  • Stage 3, or Telogen, is when the hair is in a “shed” cycle.

hair growth during pregnancyWhen a woman isn’t pregnant, each hair follicle should be in its own stage of the growth cycle. Because of this, the hair should shed evenly. During pregnancy however, estrogen production can shoot up dramatically. This can cause the hair to remain in the growth stage.

Once she’s given birth, hormones return back to normal and so does the hair growth cycle. This means that the hair shedding that was stopped, or slowed, during pregnancy may happen all at once. This shedding is generally temporary, but your client’s hair can take up to 6 to 12 months to return to its normal growth cycle.

The Quick Fix

quick fix for hairWhether or not your clients wear tape-in extensions on a regular basis, they’re perfect for the postpartum time period. Tape-in extensions are non-damaging if they’re applied correctly and can add tons of bounce and volume.

As a bonus, the hairs that “shed” from your client’s scalp are contained within the hair extension tape. This, plus the extensions, gives the look and feel of fuller hair. Your client will also see less hair loss while their body returns to the normal hair growth cycle.

You can choose from all of our different extension tapes, depending on the weft size you’re working with, as well as the hold strength your client would prefer. All of our extension tapes will last for 4-6 weeks, depending on how they’re installed and cared for.

mini tape guide

Extreme Shedding

If your client has extreme thinning, encourage them to try a topper. Toppers are partial hair systems that cover a targeted area on the scalp, right where the thinning is taking place. These are perfect for covering a widening part line and adding extra volume.

Now that we’ve given you a run down of a few of the solutions your clients can reach for to navigate postpartum hair loss, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts! We’d love to hear from you.

pregnancy hormones can cause hair loss

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