Hair Extensions: Where Does Beautify Fit?


If you’ve worked with tape-in extensions before, you may initially be unsure about what to do with Beautify Tapes. New tape-ins always come with tape already on them, that way you can install them almost immediately.


So, why would a company that sells tape on its own, like Beautify, even exist? If there’s already tape on the extension weft, why have more?


Basically, it’s all about reuse.


Why and How to Use Beautify Tape


Why Use Beautify Tape?


Any tape-in hair extension worth its weight will last for much more than one use. In fact, when they are taken care of correctly, they can last for multiple uses. Tapes are a bit of a different story.


We’ve all tried to take a tape off something and try to put it back on later. It doesn’t work. Often the adhesives come off the tape liner or the stickiness is lost, making them pretty much impossible to use again.


So, when you’re getting extensions ready to reinstall, you’ll need new tape. That’s where Beautify Tapes come in.


Our tapes are designed to be used for reinstallation. Each tape is gentle on extensions and bio hair to help keep the extensions usable for longer.


How to Use Beautify Tape


Beautify Tapes are used for reinstalls of tape-in extensions. But if you don’t know how to do reinstalls (or need a refresher) that doesn’t do you much good. So, let’s do a quick reminder of how they work.


Basically, to do a reinstall, you need to follow the same steps that you would for an initial install with a few extras.


1. Prep


Wash and dry the extensions and hair so that they are clean of anything that may affect the hold.


2. Place


Put one piece of tape on the extension and place it in the hair as you normally would. Then sandwich the hair and extension with another piece of tape.


3. Seal


Use a flat iron to seal the tapes by briefly putting heat on them.


4. Repeat


Keep going until all the extensions are reinstalled.


This is just a quick overview of how reinstalls work. If you want a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to do reinstalls, check out our blog. 


Some Tips for Using Beautify Tape


So, as you can tell, reinstalls aren’t too complicated and Beautify Tape can make them even easier. In fact, working with Beautify Tapes can help you build up the Beautify Bond with your clients.


The Beautify Bond is a philosophy and way of working that helps you build a body of loyal, returning clients. So, here are some tips and tricks to make Beautify Tapes even more effective and start building the Beautify Bond:


Teach your clients how to take care of their extensions


After your clients leave your salon, you don’t have any control over what happens to their hair. To make sure they have the best experience with their extensions, teach them how to care for them.


This includes:


  • Waiting 48 hours before washing them
  • Don’t over wash
  • Shampoo at the roots and condition from mid-length down
  • Let the hair mostly air dry (until about 80%-90% dry)
  • Don’t use too much heat
  • Sleep with hair in a loose ponytail


If they follow these tips, your client’s extensions will last longer and look better!


Avoid touching the tape


When working with Beautify Tape, you should avoid touching the sticky side of the tape as much as possible. The oils on your skin can cause the adhesive to lose some of the strength of its hold.


Of course, we don’t expect you to never touch it. We’ve all worked with gift wrap and other kinds of tape. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid that adhesive all the time. Gloves can help, but if you have sensitive skin or allergies, that may not be an option.


So, just make sure your hands are washed before working with the tape and do the best you can!


Make sure the hair and extensions are both fully clean before reinstall


Much like our hands, our hair is full of natural oils. While these oils are great for keeping our hair soft, they aren’t so great for adhesives.


When prepping your client’s hair for a reinstall, make sure their hair has been thoroughly washed. We recommend using Beautify’s Extension Prep Shampoo. It’s strong enough to completely clean the hair of any oils or leftover adhesive from the old tape.


The same goes for the extensions. They will have some oils from your client’s hair and some adhesive from the tape you just removed. So, be sure to wash the extensions as well as the hair (Extension Prep Shampoo works great for this too).


Be proactive in building the Beautify Bond


The Beautify Bond is all about getting clients to return. One way of achieving that is by doing an amazing job with their hair. We can check that off the list, so what else can you do?


One easy way to get people coming back is by offering to schedule the next appointment at the end of the current one. This way you get them coming back and they don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment weeks later.


Beautify Tapes may not seem that necessary at first. But if you want to help your client save money and cutdown on costs, they are crucial. They allow for reuse of extensions and better holds. 



If you have any questions about how Beautify Tapes could help your salon, let us know! We want to hear from you.


  1. Melissa Malone on January 31, 2022 at 10:02 am

    Hi, is there a certification available for this product/service/technique? Where & how do I purchase? Can I get more info on the hair extension textures and lengths?

    • Monique Morrison on January 31, 2022 at 12:54 pm

      Hello! These are all great questions.

      1. While we do not have our own certifications, Jon Renau and Hairskeen have trainings and certifications for hair replacement.

      2. After you become an approved customer (you can apply here: you can order directly from our website.

      3. Our hair extension tapes are designed to fit the standard weft size of 9/16″ x 5/16″. If you need tape in other sizes we also sale rolls. Our tapes are rated by Strong, Stronger and Strongest. Strong we recommend for thinner or finer hair, and Strongest we recommend for coarse, thick or curly hair.

      Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

  2. Michelle Johnson-Magbegor on April 18, 2022 at 7:14 am

    Thank you for your knowledge. It really helps to see how much you care for your product to make sure everyone get the best use out of it.

    • Monique Morrison on April 21, 2022 at 10:41 am

      Absolutely! We always strive to educate and listen to our customers. Thank you for your comment and let us know if there is anything specific you’d like to see on our blog.

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