Hair Now 2019: Sample Our Best Products with Other Industry Leaders


Hair Now 2019, May 4 – 6: At Least Three Reasons (Plus a Secret Fourth) to Join Us in Nashville

1) Sample Our Latest Tapes: Walker Signature Tape and Easy Green

Hair Now 2019 Conference Attendees, on Saturday from 11am to 5pm and on Sunday and Monday from 9am to 5pm, will walk away from our table with their hands full of our Walker Signature Tape and Easy Green.

If you love our maximum wear tape lineup, then we’ll need to brainstorm an even stronger verb for how you will feel about our Walker Signature Tape. We have infused the strength of 4+ week holds into the thinnest Maximum Wear tape option on the market. Most 4+ week tapes run between 10 and 11 mils thick; Walker Signature Tape cuts that thickness nearly in half at 6.5 mils. Combining its thinness with its dull finish makes for an invisibly natural look. And its uniquely thin construction also guarantees less residue, ensuring an easy cleanup.

Easy Green is our newest Maximum Wear tape, holding strong for two to three weeks while also being the dullest lace-safe tape we offer. A pet project, we tinkered and researched for years to provide a hypoallergenic option with all the advantages of our popular Lace Front (Blue) Support tape. Easy Green has all the advantages of Blue, while adding a stiffer carrier to make application and removal even easier. So if you love Blue, then you will (enter new even stronger verb here) our samples of Easy Green.

2) Learn Firsthand How to Use Our Walker Signature Line and Easy Green

Along with free samples, we will also have product experts available to teach you how to most effectively use both of these new and exciting additions to the Walker Tape brand.

We understand the reservations that your clients may have about switching to new products or changing familiar installation methods, so these lessons will give you a practical resource you can use in reassuring your clients about these latest innovations.

From the first day of the conference to the last, we will be available to answer any and all of your questions.

3) Learn from Various Leaders in the Hair Loss Industry at the Hair Now 2019 Conference

To quote the American Hair Loss Council, their “conference is unique in that individual business owners and operators are introduced to and receive current state-of-the-art instruction and education from a variety of Hair Restoration Industry leaders, educators, manufacturers, and specialists.”

Take a look at the various classes they offer from quite the impressive roster of successful specialists and business owners.

So, if you want a chance to network with the best in the industry, feel a like-minded community of support, and continue to develop your business, then the Hair Now 2019 Conference is your best bet.

4) Psst . . . (Word is, If You’re Considering Becoming a Walker Tape Customer, We Will Offer You Something Impossible to Turn Down)

Some rumors never pan out; some rumors seem to come out of nowhere and disappear just as murkily. That is not the case here. We’re starting the rumor, spreading the rumor, and confirming the rumor: for those thinking about becoming customers of Walker Tape, we will have a too-good-to-be-true gift just for you.

The AHLC: Not Just Another Acronym in the Hair Loss Industry

The annual Hair Now conferences are run by the American Hair Loss Council (AHLC). As the only not-for-profit trade association in the hair loss industry, the AHLC’s mission is to provide “education, accreditation, peer networking and support for hair restoration professionals while providing support for individuals suffering from hair loss.”

Their members run the professional gamut from specialists and technicians to manufacturers and distributors of industry-relevant supplies. Membership in the AHLC is a litmus test for the highest standards of excellence in the profession.

Our History with Hair Now Conferences: A Tradition of Gratitude for Our Customer Service

In 2017, we noticed a consistent message that our customers wanted us to bring back to the Walker Tape family. The following experience can be found in more detail here and comes from our own amazing Jennifer So:

“People were constantly complimenting us for our great service. I had some customers come up to the booth to ask about our customer service reps. They wanted to personally thank them and let them know they are doing an awesome job!”

“For me, it was rewarding to be able to return to Walker and let customer service know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. A thank you gesture as small as that can go a long way for someone.”

Those gestures certainly meant a lot to them. So much so, in preparation for this year’s Hair Now 2019 Conference, our Customer Service Reps want to return the favor.

How Our Customer Service Representatives Feel About Walker Tape Customers

Lori Meyers | Customer Service Manager

“We have so many loyal customers that we have the opportunity to work with. I am grateful for their trust in us to provide a great product and to take care of them. Thank you so much for being such great customers. We thank you for your trust and confidence in us.”

Jennifer Ricord | International Customer Service Supervisor

“They are so kind and make customer service enjoyable. They look out for us just like we look out for them and will let us know if they notice fake products out on the market. Thank you for being a part of making Walker Tape great and making work enjoyable.”

Elizabeth Palmer | Customer Service Representative

“What I like best about working at Walker Tape is interacting with our awesome customers! The long-time customers are so knowledgeable and give us great feedback about our products and are so patient and friendly. And I love working with new customers in sharing the excitement of finding the best products for their business. We love our customers! Walker Tape customers are the best in the world!”

Crystal Gibson | Customer Service Representative

“They’re friendly. They’re real, easy-going, talkative, happy, and very knowledgeable. I appreciate how open and warm they are. They make me smile and laugh.”

Jamie Woodward | Customer Service Representative

“They are nice to work with, friendly, and loyal. Thank you for being kind and nice to talk to.”

Yaline Rauda | Customer Service Representative

“I enjoy the kindness from our customers. They are very nice and very comfortable with us on the phone. We appreciate the care and love they give and share for our products.”

Katrina Castillo | International Customer Service Representative

“I enjoy being able to help them, as well as being able to hear all the positive things they have to say about our company and products. How grateful we are to have such loyal and honest customers that care about our products as much as we do.”

We can hardly wait to join you once more at Hair Now 2019. Stop by during any of the following times to say hi. Interacting with you is what makes this conference priceless.

Saturday: 11am – 5pm Vendor Floor
Sunday: 9am – 5pm Vendor Floor
Monday: 9am – 5pm Vendor Floor

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