Hair System Care Products Overview

Hair System Care Products

System Care Products


Our System Care product line includes a trio of great ways to extend the life of your client’s systems. They tackle minor repairs, shedding, loosening knots, and other system needs. These products allow you to offer your clients the best value for their hair systems. 


When your clients see how dedicated you are to giving them the best value, your bond with them grows stronger too. 


Here is our trio of System Care products:



How Base Tape Extends the Life of Your Client’s Hair System


  • Reinforces a system’s base
  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Repairs minor issues on fragile systems


Reinforces the base: Base Tape has the basic needs of your client’s system covered. For one, it helps to reinforce your system for the best results. For your Daily Wear clients, you can apply Base Tape where you want your double-sided tape to bond to the system. 


Base Tape is single-sided. Its non-sticky side provides you a great perimeter to use for bonding our double-sided tapes. But, what’s the main advantage to creating a perimeter with Base Tape?


Prevents wear and tear: Using Base Tape helps extend the short lifespan of your client’s more fragile hair systems. These could be thin skin or mesh-based systems, both of which tend to be more delicate than other systems on the market. Base Tape sticks invisibly to these hair system types with its dull finish.


By using Base Tape as a perimeter, our double-sided tapes bond with the Base Tape instead of directly to your client’s system. This perimeter barrier helps prevent normal wear and tear. It also makes cleanup that much easier. With a reliable one-to-seven-day hold, our Base Tape removes gently and cleanly for your Daily Wear clients. It’s one of the lower-residue tapes that we offer.


Repairs minor issues: If your client’s hair system has a small tear, you can use Base Tape as a temporary fix until their new hair system arrives. Since thin poly-based and mesh-based systems are more prone to tears, Base Tape can be a lifesaver in a pinch.


Base Tape easily proves its value when it’s able to get your client a few more days in their favorite system.




  • Apply to the hair system (careful to avoid touching adhesive)
  • Use where you intend to apply double-sided tape
  • Or apply to temporarily fix small tears


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How Top-Loc Knot Sealer Extends the Life of Your Client’s Hair System


  • Seals and protects knots from loosening
  • Reduces shedding
  • Keeps hair from going flat


Seals and protects knots: Top-Loc Knot Sealer is a System Care bestseller, and for good reason. It’s great on all mesh systems, is skin safe, and has a mild enough odor to use indoors. Like the name states, it seals and protects the delicate knots where the hair has been tied to the mesh. This seal protects the knots from loosening their ties to the mesh base. 


Reduces shedding: When these knots loosen, hair is more likely to shed from the system. After enough shed hairs, your client has to replace the entire system. So, Top-Loc Knot Sealer helps prevent replacements due to shedding. 


Keeps hair from going flat: Another side effect of knots loosening deals with the look of the system itself. Hair systems with loose knots make the hair appear flatter. This can make it trickier to achieve the look that your client hopes for when they’re in your chair. In this way, Top-Loc Knot Sealer becomes your way of achieving the look they want for longer during one system’s lifespan. 


All these perks make Top-Loc Knot Sealer the ideal product for giving your client the longest possible life out of their mesh systems. If your client’s system incorporates mesh in any way, then you’re going to want to see how perfect this product can be for caring for their system. 




  • Spray onto the inside of the mesh system’s base
  • Let the system dry to ensure a successful seal
  • Apply the hair system as you would normally


Want to give Top-Loc Knot Sealer a try? Find a local distributor of our Top-Loc Knot Sealer today!


How Leave-In Conditioner Extends the Life of Your Client’s Hair System


  • Color, system, & bio hair safe
  • Defrizzes, detangles, moisturizes, & rejuvenates hair


All around safe: Our Leave-In Conditioner is color safe and perfectly safe to use on any hair system and bio hair. 


Provides high-quality conditioning: Our Leave-In Conditioner is top quality. Plus, it keeps systems looking top quality too. You can count on our Leave-In Conditioner to defrizz, detangle, moisturize, and rejuvenate the hair system and your client’s bio hair.




  • Spray on the length of hair (avoid getting too close to the roots where the bond is)


Bottom line, Walker Tape Leave-In Conditioner is the best way to send your clients out the door. Leave your clients with a fresh, healthy look and feel every time with Leave-In Conditioner



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