Hair Tape: How to Spot a Fake


It can be tough to spot the difference between real and fake Hair tape. There are several knockoff Blue’s/Lace Front Support Tapes out there. If you accidentally buy some it can be a real problem. Spotting fake tapes is important for client safety and satisfaction. Many fake tapes will not have the same testing, or skin safe materials as our tapes. Here are three easy ways to spot a fake and why it matters.

1: Color

If you have both liners sitting next to each other, the knockoff hair tape is a darker shade of blue. If you do not have both tapes side by side it will be harder to tell from color alone.

2: Thickness

The knockoff tapes have a heavier/thicker liner. If you measure the thickness of the two, the knockoff blue is 5 ml thick. The real/original blue is only 3ml thick. Again, if you do not have the real tape to compare it to, it will be hard to determine from thickness alone.

3: Flexibility

This is the most important test and can be done with or without the real product to compare to. Try and stretch the tape in your hand. The knockoff Blue is on a plastic carrier which does not allow the tape to be flexible. If you try and stretch it, the tape stays stiff. The original Blue is on a different carrier. If you try and stretch it, it will continue to stretch until it tears. Flexibility is extremely important in determining how long these tapes hold. The skin on your head moves, and the tape has to move with it. Otherwise, the tape loosens or can come partially off, resulting in skin irritation

We hope these tips help you to steer clear of inferior tapes!

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