Head Lice and Hair Extensions


No one wants to talk about lice, especially when you have them. It can be embarrassing, but we can keep a secret, we promise. We wanted to give you some tips on how to get rid of lice when you have in hair extensions.

Not too long ago, people used to think that you had to shave your head to get rid of head lice, today we know that’s not true. (Thankfully!)  At most grocery stores and pharmacies you can buy home kits to kill lice. After you have purchased one, here are the steps you should go through to get them out of your extensions.

Remove your hair extensions before starting the treatment (as always, we recommend going to your stylist for removal). Once your extensions are removed, you can place them in a sealed bag. The lice will die within 48-72 hours. Since the hair is no longer attached to you, the lice don’t have anything to feed off of.

You can then proceed to follow the directions on the lice kit packaging to treat your natural hair.

*** Before re-installing your extensions, still brush through them with a comb and wash them thoroughly. You want to make sure to brush out all the lice and any egg sacks that may be in the extensions.  You can use some of the lice treatment on your extensions, but be very careful not to get it on the bonds. The chemical used to kill lice will ruin your bonds, thus ruining your hair extensions.

After the treatment of you and your extensions, you can re-apply your extensions!

Facts About Lice

Lice are only spread through direct contact. So do not use other peoples combs.

Lice aren’t picky on who they cling to. Your hair can be clean or dirty and they will still feed on you regardless.

Regular shampoo and conditioner will not kill lice or prevent them.

Lice are annoying and cause your scalp to itch, but they will not give you a disease.

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