How to Prevent Your Hair Extensions from Getting Matted


Recently we have had a few clients come in whose hair was so matted we almost had to cut it. We want to give you some tips to prevent matting in your extensions. When your hair gets matted, not only does it ruin your hair extensions, it damages your natural hair.

Many people wearing extensions are hesitant about brushing their hair, for fear of pulling out their extensions. Here is the hard truth: you have to brush your hair. But that doesn’t mean your extensions are doomed. Brushing your extensions will actually make them last LONGER and look BETTER.

Get the right brush:

They make special brushes with soft bristles that are made for hair extensions. Make sure when you are brushing, you are not pushing down very hard, as this will pull out your extensions. Start from the bottom of your hair and move upward as you brush. Hold your hair just underneath where the extension is attached to your hair and brush gently. This will prevent your extensions from pulling out.

Secure your hair:

When you go to sleep, make sure you are securing your hair somehow. You can either put it in a loose braid, or pull it up and wrap it in a bandanna or some sort of wrap. When you sleep, you move around a lot more than you know, and it will rub your hair and cause matting. Securing your hair will help prevent matting your extensions and even your natural hair.







Be careful with conditioner: 

Do not over condition your hair and do not put it directly on your bonds. Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up when conditioning. You should only go up to about an inch below your bond. Make sure you are rinsing all the conditioner out! When conditioner is left in the hair it will leave it greasy and will cause extra matting. Do not pull all your hair up into a ball on the top of your head when wash or wrap your hair in your towel on top of your head when drying it. This will make your extensions a big tangled mess.

These are the most important steps you can take to prevent your hair extensions from matting.

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