How to Tape Custom Hair Extensions


There are a variety of tape-in hair extension sizes out there. You can find standard widths with shorter or longer lengths. You can also find normal lengths with thicker or thinner widths. Regardless of how different your extensions are, at Beautify, we’ve got you covered.


Pre-Cut Tabs in the Sizes and Lengths that You Need


When pre-cut tabs hit the tape-in extension market, stylists quickly saw their immediate value. Instead of having to cut every piece of tape out by hand, now all you had to do was remove the exact size tape off the tab and onto the weft. 


Considering how convenient pre-cut tabs are, most already know our standard size. They’re 5/16″ x 1 9/16″, or 0.8 cm x 4 cm. They come in packs of 120 total, with 10 sheets of 12 tabs, and they’re amazing to work with.


But what are you supposed to do if you find yourself working often with extensions that don’t fit those measurements? If you’re planning on using a lot of custom sized extensions, we custom make pre-cut tabs to match whatever dimensions you need.


For example, if you work with longer front extensions needing to be light and invisible, we’ve got the perfect tape for that. We can take our Single-Sided Natural Hold and create tabs to conveniently match your front extensions. 


Are you working with custom-sized hair extensions regularly? Contact us about possibly supplying you tape tabs to match your inventory at [email protected].


Customize In-House with Beautify Extension Rolls


If you’re not working with enough custom extensions to justify having tabs specially made, the next route is a throwback to the days before tape tabs. Cue the extension rolls!


We’re one of the few extension tape suppliers who offers rolls. While they’re not as common as tape tabs, they sure come in handy quickly when you’re suddenly working with unique extensions. Extension rolls are definitely the choice to go with if you only need customized options occasionally. 


Extension rolls require a few more steps than using pre-cut rolls, but the process is pretty straightforward. Don’t be surprised if memories of tracing shapes in construction paper come flooding back from your past.


How to Use Extension Tape Rolls for Custom Tape-In Extensions


  • Step 1: Roll the tape out slightly longer than the length of the extension tab. This allows you enough extra room in the tape to trace the extension. This extra space is useful for making sure you don’t accidentally cut through the extension weft itself.


  • Step 2: Lay the extension flat out over and on top of the rolled out tape. With the extension layer above the tape layer, you’re now ready to cut-trace around the extension weft.


  • Step 3: Trim the tape to match the extension tab shape. This is for sure the most nerve-wracking part. You want to make sure that you get close enough that there won’t be extra overhangs of residue that will get into your client’s hair. But, like mentioned just above, you certainly do not want to accidentally cut the weft. Extensions are way more expensive to replace than the tape is. 


  • Step 4: Remove the tape’s liner. Be careful here too not to touch the adhesive with your fingers or gloves. Accidentally touching the tape’s adhesive could compromise the performance of that tape’s ultimate hold strength.  


  • Step 5: Last step, press the tape firmly onto the extension using your thumbs. All of Beautify’s hair extension tapes are what’s known as pressure-sensitive adhesives. This means that the only thing they need to be activated is for you to apply pressure. Pressing the tape firmly onto the weft with your thumbs gives the tape the best chance at holding strong for four to six weeks.


Three Tips for Using Extension Rolls on Custom Tape-In Extensions


    1. When you first roll out the tape, you can use the scissors as a tape weight. Since tape off the roll might be more prone bending back into the shape of the roll, this trick eliminates potential frustration. Place the scissors on top of the end of the tape to keep it from rolling back onto itself. This makes it much easier to then place the extension tab on top of the rolled-out tape.
    2. We suggest using titanium scissors to cut Beautify tape rolls. Cutting tape is nothing like cutting paper. Tape has adhesive that’s been engineered to stick to things. At the end of an install, if you’re using scissors that are not titanium, there will be gunk. But, titanium scissors cut through tape as if it were paper. Extension tape simply doesn’t stick to titanium. So, with titanium scissors, cleanup is a lot easier and you don’t have to worry about getting gunk in your go-to tools.
    3. That said, if you don’t have titanium scissors handy, don’t worry. We still have you covered. We’ve found that Weft Release and Extension Release both work great to clean off any adhesive residue on scissors.




  • There are two ways to tape custom-sized hair extensions.
  • The first way is to order pre-cut custom extension tape tabs from [email protected].
  • The second way is to cut custom sizes out of extension rolls in-house.



Have custom extensions you need tape for? Contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] for pre-cut tabs. Or conveniently add Beautify extension rolls to your cart on our online store.


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