Installing Colored Hair Extensions


Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of bright, neon, beautiful colored hair extensions! It’s so fun to see people expressing themselves in new ways!

We realize that sometimes we can’t go crazy with color because of work or not wanting to bleach your whole head or the fear of MAYBE not liking the results.

This is why we want to show you a GREAT alternative solution. Tape in extensions allow you to get those ombre, highlight/lowlight streaks you want without all of the hassle! They last 4-6 weeks, which is plenty of time to get some sweet selfies in, but not so long you can’t change up your style regularly with different colored hair extensions.

The application process is done by placing two pieces of Hair Extension Tape onto each other with your own hair in between. This technique is called the “sandwich” technique.

Before you try this at home, we want to remind you that if you have not done this before, we HIGHLY recommend that you go to a stylist.

You will need to dye your hair and or the extensions before you put them into your hair. You can also purchase pre colored hair extensions online.

Once you have your extensions colored to your desired shade you can now prep and install them.

You can learn how to place tape on your extensions here.

Step 1

Make sure that the hair is clean and dry.  Take a 1/8th section of your hair and make a straight, clean, horizontal line.

Step 2

Lift a section of hair and place the extension 1 cm from the scalp.

Step 3

Press down firmly.

Step 4

After you have firmly pressed the tape extension into your hair, lift the hairs that did not attach to the tape and clip them to the rest of your hair.

Step 5

After you have lifted and clipped the hairs that did not stick to the tape, you will then place the second tape extension on top of the first tape firmly. Make sure the tapes line up on each side or they will be much harder to maintain.

Step 6


For a more in-depth tutorial, here is a video on how to install tape in hair extensions using Hair Extension Tape’s Pro-Flex II Tape Tabs.

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