Installing Tape-In Extensions: DIY or Professional?


There have been debates on whether you should install your own Tape-In hair extensions by DIY or not. It takes a lot of skill to install extensions. Professional stylists and specialists who are certified have spent a lot of time perfecting their skill to ensure your extensions look perfect. Though our YouTube videos make the process seem like it’s “1-2-3 TA-DA!”, there’s a lot more to it.

When installing your own tape-in extensions, the DIY method may seem more appealing because you would think you’re saving time and money, right? Well, you might be right if you have installed tape-in extensions before or have been taught how by someone certified. A problem you could run into is not knowing how you are lining up the tape on the back of your head. There is a certain way you should be lining up your tape-ins and if they are not done properly, it could end up not looking natural, costing you more time and money, and ending up with you having to go to a certified stylist/specialist anyway. That visit could be a lot more intensive, longer and more costly than a general installation visit would have been in the first place.

Having a professional, certified hairstylist/specialist is the safest way to ensure the quality of your extensions. Stylists have spent time getting specifically certified in hair extensions and have had practice to ensure the quality of their work. Stylists will usually have a sit-down consultation with you before installation to see if tape-in extensions is the method for you. During the consultation, they will let you know how much money and time it will take to install your extensions. The price is well worth it because of their experience.

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Overall, it comes down to knowing what you can do and what you can afford. If you feel you have the skills, go for it! We have seen some awesome at home DIY and professional stylist work over the years and we have shared them on our Facebook page. Again, we do recommend seeing a certified stylist/specialist if you are unsure of how to install extensions or if you have never done it before.

Are you a professional stylist looking to start installing hair extensions on your clients? Check out our blog on How to Install Tape-In Hair Extensions. Here are some things you’ll need:

TapeNo-Shine Extension Tape Tabs

SolventC-22 Solvent

ShampooExtension Prep

What do you think? Should someone try the DIY route or go to a Professional? Let us know!

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