Installing Tape-In Extensions


Ever wondered exactly how Tape in Extensions are installed? I know people may say,  “Oh, it’s so easy you just sandwich them together!!”  Well, what does that mean? Not everyone is a hair extensions specialist. I decided to put this compilation of pictures together for everyone who may be wondering how to install the tape in extensions.  If you still have questions we have our video that is also very helpful. These are done in a detailed step by step process.

Make sure that you have unwashed, dirty hair!

Decide where you want your hair extension.

Make sure you have a straight part!!

Perfectly, straight line!!

Pick which color(s) you want to put in.

Make sure you align the tape perfectly.

Do the same with your second piece of hair.

Make a part directly above your first one. Make sure you have about 1/8″ of hair.

With Walker Extension Tape Tabs on the weft, peel off the white liner.

Line the tape weft flush with your bottom straight part.

Lay down the 1/8″ of hair on top of the tape weft. Make sure you press the hair onto the tape.

Remove all the hair that is not stuck on the tape. If you do not, the hold will not be as good and will not stay in as long.

Align the second piece of hair perfectly with the bottom piece.

Press FIRMLY together.

Cut the length off to match your own.

Now you look fabulous!!

Hope the step by step pictures helped you out! If you would like to become a customer of ours and enjoy this amazing tape, please fill out an application here. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us here.

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