International Wig Day: Our Favorite Holiday


Oh, you better believe we celebrate International Wig Day at Walker Tape! This creative holiday is always on March 10th, which fell on a Sunday this year. So, we turned March 8th into a fun-filled, wig-wearing Friday. And all for a good cause.

So, Why International Wig Day?

Well, it was created as an awareness holiday by Temashop, an inventive costume shop in Denmark. This lighthearted celebration was started with the hope of increasing understanding and lending support for the fight against cancer and other diseases and conditions.

International Wig Day has also helped change the perception of wearing wigs. By including everyone, it’s breaking down stigmas. Just like dancing at a party, it’s so much easier to boogie when everyone else is on the dance floor. All kids should have the chance for a worry-free childhood without feeling restricted by their appearance. Believing that you don’t fit in is hard to go through, but this holiday is helping children to feel more comfortable with wearing hair systems.

Why We Love Hair Club for Kids

We teamed up with Hair Club for Men in order to raise money for their charitable foundation, Hair Club for Kids.

This amazing foundation provides free hair systems for children as young as six all the way up to 17 years old. These non-surgical hair replacement options are an invaluable resource for kids that are struggling with hair loss.

Hair loss at a young age can be an especially jarring experience, both mentally and physically. Hair Club for Kids has been a resource for helping to combat those negative feelings and make kids more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Making a Difference

We set out a jar to gather donations for Hair Club for Kids and had a field day donating while wearing our stylish, and occasionally wacky, new manes. As a company, we pledged to match the sum of all our individual contributions. And doing so, we were able to send 2K to Hair Club for Kids.

Our celebration of International Wig Day let our inner children out, and we had a blast getting to make memories together while supporting a fantastic effort. So let us know: will you be celebrating Wig Day next year?

Learn more about Hair Club for Kids today to see how you can help support this incredible cause.

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