Just-Rite Positioning Spray – Get the Perfect Placement for Your Wig or Toupee


We’ve all been there. You spend all this time prepping a wig or toupee to put on your client. You take your time and are so careful to align the front hair line. You press down the front edge and start to lay the wig down in place, but then you realize… IT’S NOT QUITE IN PLACE!  You quickly lift the unit back up but the tape is holding on. You try to work it loose but now everything is getting stuck together. It is a serious mess and you are wasting time. Not to mention wondering what your client is thinking about what’s happening on their head. Sound familiar?

We invented Just-Rite Positioning Spray to fix this problem. After you’ve applied tape or adhesive to the hair system, spray Just-Rite liberally on any sticky surfaces. It will allow you to set the unit on your clients head and STILL be able to move it around! Once you have the system in the perfect place, give it a couple of minutes and the adhesive will take hold. It’s a life saver. The more you spray on, the longer you have until the adhesive grabs.

We also made sure to only use ingredients that wouldn’t hurt the bond of your tapes and adhesives. So don’t worry about not getting the long hold times you’re used to.

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