Move Over Marketing: How Do Stylists Like Easy Green?


Easy Green in Stylist-Friendly Terms

When we developed Easy Green, we focused on the stylist experience. For your clients, tape keeps their hair systems in place. But in your salon, tape’s a tool you have to peel, cut, install, remove, clean, and so on.  Awareness of all these steps resulted in Easy Green.

It’s our only tape with “easy” right there in the name. And we mean it.

Easy to use. Easy to install. Easy to remove. Easy to clean up. You name it. Easy Green is meant to make things easier.

But Do Stylists Like Easy Green?

To sum up the customer responses below: yep.

But why exactly do stylists like Easy Green? The following include several testimonials that we’ve collected over the last couple months.

Stylists Calling About Easy Green

During the last few months, we’ve heard feedback from several stylists using Easy Green.

  • On February 26th: “Easy Green is the Best! Thank you.”
  • On February 28th: “It’s easy for me to use on lace units and cleans up fine.”
  • On March 21st: A stylist very excitedly proclaimed that he “LOVES THE S*** OUT OF EASY GREEN,” because it “COMES OFF EASY.”
  • On April 26th: A stylist who uses it on her lace unit perimeters says that she “loves the Easy Green,” and that it “works good.”
  • Also on April 26th: Another stylist says that he likes Easy Green “way better than Blue [Lace Front] because it’s easy to remove.”
  • On June 4th: A salon owner says that “[his] people love it.”
  • On June 6th: A stylist simply says that it “sticks well.”
  • And on June 10th: Though wanting Lace Front at the time, a stylist gave Easy Green a try and said, “it was as good as the Blue [Lace Front].

And Our Product-Testing Stylists Like Easy Green

With our product tester program off and running, we’ve gotten good feedback from them about Easy Green.  Below, we offer highlights from six product testers’ experiences throughout the entire process.

The Install Experience

Jennifer Cuaderno Ortiz from Hair By Jennifer:

“I like that it’s easy to peel off of the protective backing. Doesn’t stick to my scissors when I have to cut it.”

“I used the green tape on a poly base. It actually holds up really well: thin, looks natural…”

“One of my clients who has extremely oily skin and sweats a lot had about 8 days wear without melting or getting gooey. He said it was solid.”

“Also, clients are saying it’s not as itchy as [other] tapes. Sometimes clients get a little pink/red and slight irritation from those tapes. The green tape didn’t cause any of those problems.”

“Cleanup is easy.” “Less residue and hardly anything to clean.” “Washes off easily.” “Doesn’t stretch, melt, or peel off of the poly.”

Ta-Keema Murray from Queen City Hair:

“Very easy.”

“I must say again how impressed I am with this product.”

“It’s amazing! I’ve had clients who wore it for 3 1/2 weeks! The tape was still attached to my client’s skin and to the lace of her unit…very impressive!”

“Very easy.” “I must say again how impressed I am with this product.”

Becky Mitchell from Teased Tresses:

“Very easy to work with!”

“Installing was very easy and effortless!”

“It holds up with no peeling back, no residue at all.”

“Very easy removal.”

Jonesia Hegwood from Salon J’Lynae:

“Easy to work with and install.”

“Holds pretty good for 3 weeks.”

Brittany Harris from Pretty Saddity Hair:

“It is very easy to work with. The team and I like the fact that it’s just a simple removal of the paper backing and applying it directly onto the clients head.”

Annazette Riley from Satz Hair:

“No mess.”

“No issues.”

Products that Go Well with Easy Green as Suggested by Our Testers

Easy Green is lace safe, though even as such, it’s helpful to pair it with other products to get the longest life as possible out of more fragile hair systems. Our product testers mentioned that their go-to pairings include Lace Release and Top-Loc Knot Sealer.

Lace Release, when used correctly, leaves most of the adhesive on the scalp. This reduces the risk of damage and speeds up cleanup.

And Top-Loc Knot Sealer keeps hair knots from loosening in mesh systems so they won’t shed or fall flat as quickly. This helpful tool extends the life of your clients’ wigs, and with such delicate systems, any extra time is a noticeable benefit.

Want to join our mission of providing the hair replacement industry with the best products possible? Apply to become one of our exclusive product testers today. If selected, we’ll start sending you free products to test.

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