New Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls Are Here


We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls. This newest addition completes our Extenda-Bond Plus lineup, offering you a full range of options: strips, minis, and now rolls of two different lengths.

Our Extenda-Bond Plus Strips took the classic Extenda-Bond to the next level. Our Extenda-Bond Plus Minis did the same. And now, Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls are repeating the pattern, giving you and your clients everything you love about the old roll and then some.

Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls: Sticking with Tradition

The story of Extenda-Bond Plus exemplifies the Walker Tape way of doing things. We take the current tech and innovate in order to more efficiently bring you a better product at a better price.

Even with a classic like Extenda-Bond, loved by scalps the world over for its breathable design, we saw room for improvement. What if we could take that distinctive, Swiss-cheese-like hole structure and make it even better for the client? More functional for the stylist? And more affordable for the salon owner? After years of research and development, Extenda-Bond Plus Strips and Minis did just that.

We gave our Extenda-Bond Plus Strips and Minis a dull, nearly invisible finish with the client in mind. We added more strips to the box and more minis to the bag with the salon owner in mind, giving them even more tape at an affordable price. And with the stylists in mind, we created a sturdier, more user-friendly box with a removable lid for easy access during an install.

“What if we could take that distinctive, Swiss-cheese-like hole structure and make it even better for the client? More functional for the stylist? And more affordable for the salon owner?”

The Extenda-Bond Plus (Honor) Roll

So, in keeping with the name, our new rolls offer more for the client, more for the salon, and more for the stylist.

Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls Bring You More of the Same Great Tape

With the new rolls, you get the same advantages of the strips and minis: the breathable hole pattern, the Maximum Wear hold of 2-4+ weeks, the flexible carrier that forms comfortably to the scalp, and that characteristically dull finish that hides the tape better under the hair system.

The rolls, though, offer the highest quantity, making those great advantages last even longer than our strips or minis.

This perk becomes even more apparent when compared to the old roll. Before now, the only roll for Extenda-Bond came as a 40-foot option. Now, Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls give you two different options: a 3-yard roll, and a 36-yard (108-foot) roll.

So our new line doubles your options and nearly triples the amount of tape you get in one roll.

Plus, More Money Saved Per Foot

And while we’re comparing the new with the old, let’s talk savings.

Simply put, Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls will save you nearly 20% more money per foot than the old option.

Plus, More Customizable

More tape at a fraction of the price translates to more room for custom needs. Going with rolls gives you full creative leeway, allowing you to provide your client with any hair system solution they may need.

Plus, More Salon-Friendly Packaging

When you order Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls, they’ll arrive in our clamshell packaging. These clamshells are designed with the stylist and the salon in mind. They make access easier and display more attractively in your shop. Once opened, these clamshells are also conveniently reusable, making each package double as the tape’s storage container.

Products that Pair Best with Extenda-Bond Plus Rolls


Bond Breaker: a must before an install and after removal. Impressively effective, Bond Breaker is a shampoo that removes any residual stickiness or oils. And it gets the hair incredibly clean, ready for each new install.

After a refreshing wash with Bond Breaker, apply Max Hold Sport to the scalp. This will protect the scalp from irritation; increase hold times; protect against sweat, oils, and humidity; and allow your client to work out or shower right after install without compromising hold times or strength.


With Walker Signature Remover, we’ve made sure to pull out all the stops: medical-grade, organic, gentle on skin, a pleasant citrus scent, fast-acting, and rinses with soap and water.

If you’re looking for something with less oily residue, Action is a great option. It is alcohol-based and is the fastest skin-safe solvent we produce. Action cuts through adhesive quickly and leaves very little oily residue.

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