NEW TAPE – What You Need to Know About Duo Pro!

Last Friday we mentioned that we are presenting a brand NEW tape that will make you see tape-in extensions differently. We’ve been working on this now for 2 years and this tape is a game changer!

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions and we want to be sure to inform everyone of what our new product is all about. Down below is information about our new tape that you need to know!

What’s the new tape called?

Duo Pro

What’s different about Duo-Pro?

There’s not a tape in the hair extension market, that we know of, that has been specifically created and designed for extensions. In the past, hair extension tapes have been pulled from other markets, that they were created for, because they worked “well enough.”

*Duo­ Pro installs easier than any tape we’ve ever tested! It’s more rigid, so you don’t have to worry about the tape losing shape during the install. The liner is easier to remove then other tapes out there as well.

*After testing several of the most popular tapes in the industry. We feel Duo­ Pro is now the easiest and fastest clean up! Tape comes out of the hair faster and easier than anything we’ve tested.

VERY little residue left over in the hair after the tape is removed, which cleans up easy!


During take down, most people experience 200+ hairs from the clients head fall out! With Duo Pro we’ve seen anywhere from 3­-10 hairs! HUGE difference.

Last but not least is the clean up of the extension itself. After the extension is removed from the clients head, you can literally grab a corner of the tape and peal it off the extension! Virtually no residue is left behind! Just a quick swipe with our Extension Release and the extensions are ready to re install! No more washing the extensions!

*After talking with several independent stylists, when comparing Duo­ Pro to the other tapes they have used, they all say the process of take down, clean up, and re-install with Duo ­Pro is half the time! We set out to take the best attributes from every tape on the market and mold it all into one tape.

Would you recommend to use DuoPro for lace wigs/ skin contact?

We would not recommend that because the natural side that would be going to the unit is shiny. Lace units are see through and you would see the shine through the unit. We would  recommend the Duo Tac Thin or the regular Duo Tac.

When can I order Duo-Pro?

We will be launching our tape in March 2016.

Do you have any more new products coming out?

Yes we do have another product coming out, but it is more for hair replacement systems, not extensions.

We will be writing updated posts so you can come back and see what others are asking and if we answered your questions.

Do you have any questions about Duo-Pro? Send us a message on our Facebook page!

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