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Pro Tip on the Smoothest Tape-In Extension Removals Every Time 


Often, we use a remover kind of like a universal remote. Doesn’t it remove the same, after all, on any tape-in we use? The short answer is technically no. The long answer is, well, the rest of this blog post.


While, of course, our removers work on all our extension tapes, each remover has unique performance traits. These help each one come in handy in different situations and on specific tapes. This is where the pro tip comes in: 


Pro Tip: Pair our bestselling removers with our cleanest removing extension tapes.


Play Matchmaker: Pair Removers with Hair Extension Tapes Based on Their Performance Traits


Throw the old adage of opposites attract out the window. Instead, think more in terms of the perfect match. In fact, it’s this same principle that helps you find and install the perfect tape-ins for your clients. Now, just use this same idea for removing tape-ins with the perfect remover. 


Look at the performance traits of the remover compared to those of the tape and see how compatible they are. For example, below we look at what can happen when we put our pro tip into practice. That is, we pair our bestselling removers with extension tapes with similar traits.


Since our bestselling removers are alcohol-based, they evaporate completely without requiring cleanup. So, if we take this trait of being easy to clean and match it with our extension tapes that leave the least amount of residue, we’ve got the perfect union. 


As you can see below, this match can give you the simplest way to offer your clients the smoothest experience. They work so fantastically together that you’re going to start wanting to think of potential celebrity couple names for them. 


The Dynamic Duo(-Pro)


Pairing No Trace with Duo-Pro


With No Trace, we have the following performance benefits:


  • To say it’s quick to break down adhesives is an understatement. No Trace cuts through bonds as fast as an oil-based solvent. 
  • But here’s the best part. Unlike an oil-based remover, it totally vanishes without any cleanup required.


Now, let’s look at the perks of using Duo-Pro.


  • Out of all our tape-in extension tapes, it offers the easiest experience for both stylists and clients. This is because we made it exclusively for extensions. One side is optimized for holding strong to your client’s hair, and the other side is made for the extension. 
  • With each side having an adhesive just for hair and just for extensions, they both leave the least amount of adhesive residue possible. In fact, Duo-Pro offers the quickest cleanup on the market.


So, combining them together gives us one completely smooth removal experience.


  • They both promote the fastest removal with the least amount of cleanup.
  • No Trace is quick to break down Duo-Pro’s adhesives.
  • Duo-Pro then removes cleanly with the quickest cleanup in the industry.
  • Then, as a grand finale, No Trace does its disappearing act, vanishing without any cleanup required. 


Look Like a Natural by Easily Releasing Tape-Ins


Paring Extension Release with Natural Hold & Lace Front


Extension Release comes with the following performance benefits.


  • It’s quick to free extension from your client’s hair. 
  • Since it uses an alcohol base, Extension Release evaporates without cleanup.


Now, here are the perks of using Natural Hold and Lace Front.


  • Natural Hold is a low-residue tape, giving you a fast cleanup. In fact, it’s the second cleanest removing tape next to Duo-Pro
  • Lace Front leaves behind very little adhesive residue. It also has a strong, yet hypoallergenic hold.


So, what happens when we put all these perks together?


  • Extension Release works like a dream with these low-residue standouts.
  • It quickly frees the bonds they’ve made to the hair. 
  • Then it evaporates without requiring cleanup.
  • Both tapes leave a minimal amount of residue behind to clean up.


Want the best removal experience possible for you and your client? Match these removers and extension tapes today!



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