Our Hair System Products for Training New Stylists


The Hair Replacement Products Every New Stylist Needs!


For up-and-coming stylists in training, the world of hair replacement can be daunting. So, the following overview of hair system products is dedicated to you new stylists who are making up the future of our industry. We’re so excited to see how you move hair replacement forward!


But before diving in, here’s something to keep in mind: we do everything we can to create products that are first and foremost stylist-friendly. If your favorite Walker Tape products are absent from this list, that doesn’t mean that you should switch to these instead. We just want to share with you what we consider to be our most new-stylist-friendly selection.


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Sensi-Tak: The Sensible Tape for Stylists in Training


Sensi-Tak is one of the most recognizable tapes for hair systems. While it helps that it has an eye-catching red liner, that’s not the only reason why the industry loves this tape so much.


Hair replacements professionals know Sensi-Tak for its reliable 1-10 day hold times and for its amazingly clean removal. Both of these traits make for a great product for new stylists to train with.


Since it’s meant for shorter hold times, this allows stylists to get more training in while working with this tape. Plus, the clean removal can make it much easier for those new to the studio to get comfortable removing. 


Sensi-Tak also has a stiff carrier, which makes it sturdy and easier to handle than some of our more delicate tape options such as Lace Front


Another perk to working with Sensi-Tak is that it pairs wonderfully with Lace Release. Lace Release just so happens to be the remover recommended in this overview (spoiler alert!).




  1. Peel the scored liner on strips and contours (peel and cut the desired length if using rolls).
  2. Carefully avoid touching the adhesive (wearing gloves)
  3. Place tape onto the system where you want it.
  4. Remove the remaining liner, and apply to your client’s scalp.


Great White: A Great Liquid Adhesive for a Great Training Experience


Please forgive us for our playful focus on great in this section’s heading. Jokes aside, Great White does make a stylist’s experience easier than other liquid adhesives available. This is because Great White uses a water-based adhesive


We’ve made its water-based adhesive non-stringy in comparison to acrylic- or silicone-based options. This feature allows new stylists to practice without the stress of making a mess. 


Great White also offers another beneficial trait to new stylists. It clearly shows when it’s dry and ready to bond (emphasis on clear here!). That’s because Great White turns clear as it dries. 




  1. Clean client’s scalp with 99% Alcohol
  2. Use sponge brushes to apply a thin, even coat to your client’s scalp.
  3. Blow dry until Great White dries clear. 
  4. Repeat once more.
  5. Then press the hair system onto the scalp, firmly holding it for 10 seconds. 


Lace Release: A Remover Known to Also Release the Stress of New Stylists


Being alcohol-based, Lace Release vanishes without needing any cleanup. As tricky as removal and cleanup can be for those new to the artform, a remover that vanishes on its own is a massive help!


Bonus Product Suggestion: If you’re needing to remove the Great White we mentioned above, we recommend H2GO. Like Great White, H2GO is water-based and removes without leaving behind much residue at all either. 




  1. Apply Lace Release generously through the hair system towards the scalp. (If working with a poly-based system, you can apply generously to the bonded hair once you’ve removed the hair system using a different remover.)
  2. Wait for 30 seconds. 
  3. Repeat once more. 
  4. Gently lift the system away from the head. (Or work the adhesive off the system if working with a removed poly base.)
  5. Shampoo and rinse.


Top-Loc Knot Sealer: A System Care Product That’s Also a New Stylist-Care Product


There are two simple reasons why Top-Loc Knot Sealer is our bestselling System Care product. 


  1. We’ve made it incredibly easy to use.
  2. It works!


The Top-Loc Knot Sealer method is as simple as spraying and waiting for it to dry. We’ve also made it using a low-odor formula that makes it convenient to use indoors. 




  1. Spray onto the inside of the mesh hair system. 
  2. Let the system dry to ensure seal. 
  3. Apply your client’s system the same as you would normally once dry.


Just-Rite Positioning Spray: As in, Just Right for New Stylists


Out of all the products mentioned in this overview, Just-Rite Positioning Spray might be the very best one for new stylists. The moment of truth, when it comes time to fix the system to your client’s scalp, just got a lot less intimidating. 


Just-Rite Positioning Spray temporarily pauses the adhesive’s stickiness to allow for slight adjustments. With Just-Rite Positioning Spray, you never have to worry about misplacing the system ever again!




  1. Applied adhesive or tape as you normally would to your client’s system or scalp
  2. Spray Just-Rite Positioning Spray over the adhesive area. 
  3. The amount sprayed determines the time available to adjust the system. 
  4. Set the system onto the scalp and move into place.


Sponge Brushes: Turning the Brush into a Breeze


Our sponge brushes make applying adhesive easy, quick, and clean. You can use these brushes without any worries of shedding hairs into the adhesive or onto your client’s scalp. 




  1. Use exactly like you would with a brush (just this time, enjoy zero shedding!)



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    I’m interested in the top-loc knot sealer, 1pcs please.

    • Monique Morrison on December 20, 2021 at 10:46 am

      Awesome! These can be ordered through our website or via phone (1-800-759-5150) and email ([email protected]). Please reach out if you have any questions.

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