Our Top Products for New Tape-In Extension Stylists


Tape-In Extension Tools of the Trade for Those New to the Trade 


Are you new to working with tape-ins? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you with this blog post. Below, we give you a scannable rundown of our products that we find incredibly helpful for rookie extension specialists. 


We’re not casting any shade at our other products, of course. We make all our products with you stylists in mind. These products below just so happen to be what we consider the easiest of the easiest to use


So, for the future of tape-in extensions, welcome and congrats on getting your own chair! We hope you enjoy the following slightly over-the-top spread of synonyms and adjectives!


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Duo-Pro: An Amazing Extension Tape for New Stylists


Duo-Pro may be a surprising pick here because it’s what is known as a differential tape. These are simply tapes that include a different adhesive on both sides. Duo-Pro, for example, has an adhesive made specifically for bonding with the extension on one side. Then on the other side, there’s an adhesive meant for bonding to your client’s hair. 


With Duo-Pro’s specific sides meant for different purposes, you could expect it to be a bit more challenging to use for new stylists. However, we’ve purposefully packaged Duo-Pro to be as easy as possible to use. There are, for example, only two main directions in order to use:


  1. Peel the tape tab off the sheet (or off the roll), and place it onto the extension weft.
  2. Remove the remaining liner, and install the tape to your client’s hair.


Duo-Pro’s ease of use extends far beyond its directions though. It’s the extension industry’s first ever tape made exclusively for tape-ins, and our detailed tailoring makes Duo-Pro one of the best all-around performers.


For example, Duo-Pro offers you reliable hold times of four to six weeks. But even more, since one side is made to interact best with extensions, it also makes for the quickest cleanup of any tape available. For anyone working with extension tape for the first time, an easy cleanup can be a lifesaver!


Interested in more of our cleanest removing tapes? Check out another blog we’ve written that dives into our other easiest-to remove options.


Single-Sided Natural Hold: A Wonderful Option for Up-and-Coming Tape-In Specialists


Single-sided tapes for extensions can be great. But one of the most challenging aspects of working with them involves what happens when you peel off the liner. 


Many single-sided extension tapes out there tend to curl up on themselves as you remove the liner. This curling can spell doom for your client’s hold times. Tapes that curl up are more likely to require you to touch more of the adhesive in order to straighten them back out again. 


With this concern in mind, we created our Single-Sided Natural Hold tape. In addition to holding extensions up really well, Single-Sided Natural Hold does not curl up on itself when you remove the liner. This gives you a single-sided option that’s easy to use and less likely to lead to ruined product. 


The directions are a breeze too!


  1. Install an extension into your client’s hair.
  2. Remove the single-sided tape’s liner.
  3. Apply the single-sided tape so it sandwiches your client’s hair between the extension and the tape.  


No Trace: The Fantastic Remover for Tape-In Extension Experts


Each stylist quickly discovers which extension removers they like most. Some prefer oil-based options that work really quickly to cut through tape bonds. Then, others tend to lean toward alcohol-based removers because they evaporate without needing any extra time spent on cleaning up leftover oily residue. 


But, with No Trace, you can start your career off with the very best of both these worlds! It cuts through bonds as quickly as an oil-based solvent, but in truth it uses an alcohol base. So, while No Trace works fast, it vanishes without cleanup even faster! 




  1. Apply to the bonded area you want to remove.
  2. Wait 10 seconds, then begin working the bond loose.
  3. Apply more as needed.


Leave-In Conditioner: The Brilliant Finishing Touch for Tape-In Pros Beginning Your Careers


Our Leave-In Conditioner is the product every stylist should be making sure their clients leave with at the end of each appointment. It does what leave-in conditioners do best in terms of rejuvenating the hair. Plus, it’s every bit as easy to use as store-bought options. So, you can provide your clients with professional quality product that’s a cinch for them to apply themselves.




  1. Spray along the length of the hair.
  2. Point out how amazing your client’s hair looks.


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