Preparing Hair Systems for Storage

Preparing Hair System for Storage

Zooming in on the Final Step in the Walker Way: Preparing Hair Systems for Storage


Whether working with new clients or returning clients, storage is the final step in the Walker Way of using our products. We’ve touched before on how best to store Walker Tape products specifically, but in this post, we’d like to focus more on storing the hair system itself.


The reason we find this step so important is that how hair systems are stored affects how well our products work with them. Less-than-ideal storage setups can leave systems gathering oils, moisture, and dust. Or, they could become brittle with too much exposure to light.


The following zooms in on the what and the why of hair system storage.


The Walker Way of Preparing Your First-Time Client’s Hair Systems for Storage


The What: Show your client how and where their stored system will be kept safe until their next appointment.


The Why: This is a fantastic touchpoint opportunity between you and your client. They’ve just invested a lot into their hair systems. We’re not just talking about system prices either. The journey itself that they’ve taken  to owning a hair system involves a lot of thought, stress, and difficult emotions. All of these investments can cause its own level of stress.


If you show a client how their systems will be protected in your care, this can go a long way to relieving their stress and worry. In fact, it clearly shows them how invested you are in the value of their systems and how invested you are in supporting their hair replacement success. 


The Walker Way of Preparing Your Returning Client’s Hair Systems for Storage


Your reinstall appointment went well, and you’ve sent your client home feeling as great as ever before. Now, the storage prep on their system begins!


The What:


  • Remove Adhesive Buildup with One of Our Removers
  • Rinse the System Clean with Bond Breaker Shampoo
  • Spray Leave-In Conditioner Along the Length of the Hair
  • Set the System Up to Air Dry


The Why:


Remove Adhesive Buildup: You want to return the hair system to as like-new as possible. Adhesive buildup adds wear and tear to the system and can compromise future hold times and your client’s comfort. 


There are a couple great ways to apply our removers to a system. For systems that have already been removed, we recommend our fastest-acting solvent: Rapid Release


One way to use Rapid Release would be with the Solvent Soak method. Here, you simply place the system into a large bowl of Rapid Release to soak while you see to your client’s reinstall. Once they’ve left, the system is ready for you to quickly work out any of the buildup. 


Another way to go is to simply spray Rapid Release onto the adhesive buildup. Breakdown should happen within seconds for you to then easily work out the residue. 


Use our Find A Salon/Distributor tool to find Rapid Release near you! It helps you get your trusted Walker Tape removers while saving on HAZMAT fees.


Rinse the System Clean: Bond Breaker Shampoo is the best way to ensure the hair system is ready for the next appointment. It rids the system of any leftover residual stickiness and oiliness, and cleans and prepares the system. Use Bond Breaker Shampoo on the hair system like you would any other shampoo. 


Spray Leave-In Conditioner: Our Leave-In Conditioner helps you extend the life of your client’s hair system. It’s perfect for doing what conditioners do best: detangling, defrizzing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating.


Be sure to spray along the length of the hair, away from the base. The ingredients that make the hair feel slick and soft can weaken adhesive performance if on the base. For this reason, we suggest you use Leave-In Conditioner along the length of the hair. 


Set Up to Air Dry: Air drying is healthier for the hair than blow drying is. We recommend using a hair system stand that keeps the form of the system while also allowing it to completely air dry.


The Walker Way of Storing Hair Systems for All Your Clients


The What: Store hair systems safely out of the light, away from dust, and protected from moisture. Also, we suggest using a sturdy storage setup of containers or drawers.


The Why: Light exposure, water saturation, too much humidity, and dust – all of these factors cause hair systems to age faster. Protecting systems from these issues helps your client get the most wear out of their systems. 


Sturdy containers or drawers avoid any deformity if things get stacked on top. Also, containers help remove the possibility of them falling onto the ground or into any product set out on the counter.


Why Is Proper Hair System Storage So Important?


As experts in tapes and adhesives, we think in terms of which surfaces the adhesives come in contact with. Hair systems make up half the surfaces (the other half being your client’s scalp). The ways mentioned of storing hair systems above ensures your client’s system stays in the best shape to hold tape or liquid adhesives



Combine these storage best practices with the best adhesive products! Become an exclusive wholesale customer today, and enjoy the friendliest prices and services available for Walker Tape products.


  1. Silvia Herrera on May 31, 2021 at 10:46 am

    I have been working with hair systems for over 20 years I store them separately in large envelopes with their names on them and store them in a file cabinet. During the pandemic I had stock systems that I had for over 5 years stored this way thank God when I was having to wait months for new orders to arrive I had these back up systems that I was able to use they were in perfect condition!

    • Monique Morrison on August 12, 2021 at 4:42 pm

      That is so smart and very organized! I’m sure your clients were very appreciative

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