Product Spotlight: 1522 Clear


1522 Clear is our most popular daily wear tape. Daily wear tapes are best for clients who take off their unit frequently. Anywhere from 1-7 days of wear. Daily wear tapes are much less gummy than other tapes so they leave less residue, making it easy for those who remove the unit daily or every few days. 1522 Clear is also an inert (chemically inactive) tape, so there is nothing to cause a skin reaction. This makes it great for clients who may have sensitive skin and are looking for something that will be comfortable and non-irritating. The liner on the tape is white, but the actual tape is clear. However, it does have some shine so it’s not ideal for mesh units.

Here are some things clients love about 1522 Clear:

  • It’s gentle on skin and hypoallergenic
  • It’s flexible, making it more comfortable to wear
  • It’s low-residue, making it perfect for short-term wear

Products that work best with 1522 Clear:

  • Before installation and after removal we recommend Bond Breaker Shampoo. This cleans the hair more intensely than a regular shampoo. Use this to remove any built-up residue whenever your client comes into your shop.
  • When your clients come in for removal we recommend using C-22 Solvent. Be sure to use Bond Breaker Shampoo afterward to remove any oily residue.

Ready to give 1522 Clear a try? Buy it in our online shop or contact us to place an order. If you’re not yet signed up as a wholesale customer, sign up here for the best products at the best prices.

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