Product Spotlight: Action Adhesive Remover


We make several solvents to fill a variety of needs. This gives you options to ensure you find a solvent that works for your adhesive as well as for your preferences. Some stylists prefer a quick-working oil based solvent while others prefer a solvent with quicker clean-up. If you prefer a quick-working solvent with an easy clean-up, look no further than Action. Action is our newest solvent and is the fastest skin-safe solvent we produce. Since we released it in 2016, it’s received rave reviews for it’s speed in both removal and clean-up time. Action’s quick and easy clean-up also makes it easier to achieve a secure attachment for re-installs, as there’s less likely to be left-over residue.

People love Action because:

  • It works FAST
  • It leaves very little oily residue
  • It’s skin safe
  • It contains lanolin to help soothe the skin
  • It’s safe for use with lace or poly cap units
  • It’s safe to leave on the unit or on skin to soak for several minutes if needed

To use Action:

Spray on adhesive area. Breakdown will begin in seconds. The release time will depend on adhesive buildup. Remove residue, Shampoo, and rinse.

With Action, we also recommend using:

Bond Breaker Shampoo: When it comes to hair system bonding, nothing is more important than cleaning cleaning the hair and scalp in order to prepare for a new install. Bond Breaker Shampoo breaks down the adhesives, scrubs the skin, and cleans the hair in one step! Use it after Action to remove any leftover adhesive or solvent residue.

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