Easy Green is easy to work with during both installation and removal.  It’s similar to our Lace Front, but it’s on a stiff carrier. Easy Green is very tacky to the touch.  When you pull the tape from the ends, it will stay in one piece. This makes it much easier to apply and remove.  If you happen to get your fingers or scissors stuck to the tape during application, it will not stretch out and ruin your tape. It removes in one solid piece so that it won’t harm delicate lace systems.  The stiff carrier also helps it to stay in place better, allowing this tape to give reliable 2-3 week hold. Tape Rolls: ¼” X 6 yds, 1/3” x 6 yds & 3/8” x 6 yds

Why are people loving Easy Green?

  •         Won’t stretch
  •         Easy Installation
  •         Easy Removal

What other products do we recommend for use with Easy Green?

No Trace is a great remover for hair extensions.  It is a non-oily solvent that acts fast and is used to release tape from the hair extensions.  Available in the 4 oz spray and 4 oz drip-top sizes.

C-22 Solvent is the most popular oil-based adhesive remover we make.  It is gentle on skin, works fast and is easy to rinse with soap and water.  Available in 4oz, 12oz and gallon sizes.

Bond Breaker is a must after removal. It is a very powerful shampoo that removes any residual stickiness or oils. This product gets the hair incredibly clean and ready for a new install. Don’t install tape-in extensions without it!